10 July 2018

The Wedding Diaries - 3 Months To Go

The Wedding Diaries - 3 Months To Go

I can't believe that we're here already - only 3 months left to go until the big day...

If one more person says to me, 'So everything's sorted, then?', I might either cry or push them over. There are so many things left to do! I can hear 2017 me saying, 'My aim is to have everything finished 3 months before the wedding - I'd be happy with that.' HA! How naive I was! {And I'm so tired, I just wrote the name Niamh instead of naive. Which is odd, seeing as I find Niamh quite difficult to spell usually.}

We've had a few sticky moments of late, such as when we went to pick up Mr MM's wedding suit to find that our order had been lost {along with his measurements} and there was in fact no suit waiting for him :-( We also found out that the wedding planner we had been working with exclusively was leaving our venue, our RSVP deadline came and went with a quarter of the replies outstanding, and we had a few problems with music too. Basically, if you asked me to describe how I'm feeling about the wedding right now, I would not choose the word 'chilled'.

I would however choose 'excited' and 'happy'. It's really hit me in the last few weeks that it won't be too long at all before we're actually husband and wife! I'll have a new name {which will take some getting used to} and a husband. When I get stressed and worried about all the planning, I remember why we're doing it, and that soon puts a big smile back on my face.

So what else have we been up to? Mama Maggie May and I got down to the important business of wedding cake tasting last month; I brought along my test cakes and she got out hers, and we tasted our way along the row and pretended to know what we were talking about when it comes to proper baking. We then created a bespoke - and potentially interesting - recipe which combines our chosen methods and ingredients, and are hoping that the end result will be a delicious traditional wedding cake. Definitely still need a few more practices though...

Other wedding-related appointments this month -
~ Hearing our banns read in church for the first time
~ Choosing a suit for Dad
~ Practising icing the wedding cake
~ Visiting John Lewis to choose our wedding gifts {very excited about that one!}

More updates soon. Only 88 days to go... #maggiemaygetsmarried


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