5 November 2015

How to Dress Like the Bond Girls in Spectre

I finally went to see the new James Bond film Spectre last night, and I am pleased to say it did not disappoint; there were car chases, martinis, nasty fights, beautiful dresses, helicopters and of course, Daniel Craig looking wonderful. Although not quite as good as Skyfall in my opinion, it was still excellent and I would definitely recommend seeing it.

One of the best highlights for me was the wardrobe in this film; all of the characters' outfits were sharp, sophisticated and perfectly suited to their roles, and it is clear that there was a lot of thought put into the design from the start. Those of you who follow me on Twitter will have already seen me raving about how I want Léa Seydoux's stylist... She looked effortlessly chic throughout (to be fair, she is Parisian), and I was very impressed with the team's choices.

Determined to try and capture a few of my favourite looks from the film, I've hunted down some lookalike pieces, as well as some of the exact items worn in the film by Léa, who played the role of Dr Madeleine Swann, and also Naomie Harris, who played the role of Eve Moneypenny. Now we can all feel like Bond girls - just grab me a dirty martini and we're good to go...

Dr Madeleine Swann {North Africa}

Image credit - theguardian.com

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{Clockwise from top left} Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses - £115, ASOS  // White Embroidered Blouse - £29.50, M&S // Tan Saddle Bag - £25, Accessorize // White Wide Leg Trousers - £30, Topshop

Miss Eve Moneypenny {London}

Image credit - dailymail.co.uk

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{Clockwise from top left} Cobalt blue dress - £119, Planet // Cobalt blue heels (Wide fit) - £28, ASOS // Rose Gold-Plated Bracelet Watch - £64.99, STORM

Dr Madeleine Swann {Oriental Desert Express}

Image credit - standard.co.uk

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{Clockwise from top} Dusty green Salma satin gown (Exact dress worn by Léa) - £225, Ghost // Swarovski Zirconia drop earrings (Exact earrings worn by Léa) - £199.99, David Deyong // Rouge Allure Lip Colour in 'Pirate' - £26, Chanel 

I am so in love with this Ghost gown - I want it in every colour...

What did you think of the wardrobe in Spectre? Did you enjoy the film? Leave me a comment below, or you can tweet me here.


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