29 January 2018

What is simple living?

Maggie May - What is simple living?

Simple living. 

We see this expression time and time again, littered across our social media feeds and splashed across magazine spreads.

A phrase coined by millennials - another word which seems to have upped in usage dramatically recently - I find it hard to understand exactly what it means. It seems to generously encompass a whole realm of definitions, whether it’s a hashtag for a healthy recipe {one which I assume is also simple to make?} or the caption for a clean and tidy snap of a cup of tea on Pinterest {I am definitely guilty of doing this.}

24 January 2018

Nan and Grandad

Nan and Grandad - Maggie May

My Nan is 98 years old.

She lives with my Grandad, who is 102 years old, in an annexe attached to my uncle’s house.

They have no carers, they are both independently mobile - albeit slowly, and with the occasional aid of a stick or a walker - and they still manage to get up the stairs to their bedroom every night using a stair lift. They sort out their own meals a lot of the time, and organise their shopping with the help of our relatives.

Granted, they don’t go out as much as they used to, but they know exactly what is going on in the world. They read the newspapers, they watch the TV, and they remember every detail of what’s going on in their family members’ lives.

They are, without a shadow of a doubt, my absolute heroes.


19 January 2018

The Weekend Edit 19/01 - For Bookworms

It's nearly the weekend! Thank goodness.

I thought that for today's Weekend Edit I'd share some excellent literary-themed gifts and treats for all the bookworms amongst you. I have always been an avid reader, and this year I am determined to tick a few more of the greats off my to-read list, and get through a few more paperbacks each month!

15 January 2018

January Profile - THE THEATRE MAKER

Welcome to a new and incredibly exciting monthly profile series on The Secret Life of Maggie May!

Over the next twelve months, I will be interviewing a range of creative, enthusiastic and dedicated professionals, passionate about their respective areas of expertise and willing to share the love for their subject with you all.

I hope that these interviews will be inspiring, helpful for those wishing to pursue similar careers, and most importantly, an interesting and insightful read.

I am delighted to kick-start the series with Hattie Brown: actor, co-founder and musical director of PaddleBoat Theatre Company - plus all-round artistic genius.

T H E  T H E A T R E  M A K E R 

Hattie Brown, PaddleBoat Theatre Company

How did you initially become interested in drama and theatre?

My first memory of theatre was watching a particularly gruesome production of Macbeth aged 2. There were heads on sticks. Clearly, I was hooked from then on. I also used to get cast in all my siblings' plays in the lounge, so was required to be 'in role' from a very young age.


12 January 2018

The Weekend Edit 12/01 - January Blues

 Navy courts {In the sale} | Candle | Mug | Lace dress {In the sale - nearly all gone!} | Over-the-knee boots {In the sale} | Wool coat | PJ bottoms {You won't believe where they're from...} | Navy dress {In the sale} | Elephant socks | Satin skirt {In the sale} | Cushion | Nail polish {In the sale!} | Gloves | Swan print dress {In the sale} | Slim jeans | Fedora {In the sale} | Faux fur collar {In the sale} | Waterproof {In the sale}

So I will admit that January is a rather cold month here in the UK, and it can be pretty miserable too once you hit the post-Christmas slump. But as many of you know, I relish this month and all there is to come!

That's why I thought I'd start back up my Weekend Edit posts with a positive spin on the old 'January Blues'. {Can you believe it was way back in October that I last did one of these? Shocking, I know...} With shades ranging from navy and midnight, to azure and sky blue, it's a colour which suits all skin tones, and is flattering no matter what your age, shape or size. Plus, let's make the most of this month when - as you can see above - nearly everything is in the January sales!

8 January 2018

The Wedding Diaries - Ultimate Wedding Checklist

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

I realised with a jolt of surprise that it has been 4 months since my last The Wedding Diaries post - which means there are now just 9 months to go!

As you can imagine, wedding planning was put on hold slightly over Christmas, but that doesn't mean we haven't made a lot of progress since I last filled you in - not only has Mr MM been trying on wedding suits, but I have actually chosen my dress! No spoilers though.

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

Something I have noticed whilst wedding planning is that there seems to be a distinct lack of helpful wedding checklists online. This will be the first wedding for the both of us {and hopefully the last...} so we cannot be 100% sure that we're not missing any of the important elements. When I went to find a handy to-do list, I was surprised when I struggled to find a good one.

So here's mine!

I hope it can be of some use to other brides and grooms to be - you can pin this post to your Wedding boards on Pinterest for those moments of wedding planning panic! Also, please do leave a comment below if you can think of anything I have missed. Not only will this be a huge help to all the engaged couples reading the post - but it will also be a huge help to me and Mr MM...


4 January 2018



Janvier {I know I'm not French, but I wanted to add a little pizzazz to my first blog post of 2018}

Happy New Year, one and all!

2017 was busy and brilliant, but somehow I think that 2018 might just cut it as the best one yet. I cannot believe that this is the year we are getting married! Blimey.

I love January. Of course Christmas is great, but I personally always look forward to peeling back the front page of the calendar and seeing the new year stretching out ahead of us. It's full of opportunity, wonderful things to come, and inevitably some mystery too.
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