22 January 2016

Glaswegian Dining

The final chapter of my Glaswegian adventure starts the way all good tales do; with gin.

Having spent the day taking in the sights of Glasgow, we were ready to get dressed up and see what the city had to offer once night fell. We had planned to meet our friend for a quick drink before dinner, and decided pretty quickly on where we wanted to go - Gin 71!

Mr Maggie May and I LOVE gin. We really do {You might have already spotted that if you follow me on Instagram}, so the thought of being surrounded by, you guessed it, 71 different gins was too tempting an offer to miss.

The bar is sophisticated and glamorous from the minute you step inside; this is not the sort of bar you stand up in. Oh no! All guests must be seated, therefore there is a small, very civilised queue to get in - but after a five minute wait, we were whisked away to a table right in the centre of the gorgeous, Andalucian-inspired interior.

The big question was which gin to choose... Whilst I settled for The Botanist, an Islay-produced gin which I found a bit on the tame side, the other two went bold; for Mr MM, a double of Dà Mhile Seaweed Gin, and for our friend, Edinburgh Rhubarb & Ginger. I know! But I tell you what - they were both delicious.

Unfortunately we couldn't stay for long, as we had dinner reservations at the highly-recommended restaurant Riverhill.

Situated on West Nile Street, about a ten minute walk from Gin 71, the restaurant is small but inviting, with an atmosphere of fine dining palpable the moment you step inside.


14 January 2016

Golden Globes - The Dresses

It may be January, it may be flippin' freezing outside, and we may still be feeling a little poor/bloated post-Christmas, but there is at least one thing this month that can cheer us up - awards season!

Those of you who are regular visitors to my blog will know that I always enjoy browsing through the beautiful dresses which grace the red carpets at these events (see here and here), and the recent Golden Globes were no exception.

Known as the slightly more relaxed and light-hearted awards compared to the BAFTAs and Oscars, I enjoy the fact that the celebrities' choice of dresses often reflect that more casual feel. The gorgeous amount of Marchesa at this year's ceremony has led me to gazing at my computer screen adoringly many times (see here for yet another one of their amazing creations) and I loved the hair and beauty looks, particularly Zendaya's and Jenna Dewan Tatum's.

Jenna Dewan Tatum

So here they are, my favourite gowns from this year's Golden Globes...

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