17 July 2018

The All England Club

Wimbledon 2018 - Maggie May

Last Friday saw us head to Wimbledon for The Championships.

After an early start in the Cotswolds, we made our way into London, passing President Trump and his long trail of armoured vehicles on the motorway as we went... The day could only get better!

We arrived mid-morning and had a walk around the grounds, soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the sunshine. It's lovely to hear the umpires' voices echoing from the courts, mingling with the sound of applause, live music, laughter and chatter. There's such a wonderful vibe to the whole tournament, and I couldn't stop grinning as we strolled past matches at different stages of play.

We sipped on Pimm's as we waited for the 1pm semi-finals to start.

Wimbledon 2018 - Maggie May

Sunglasses - Ray Ban | Dress - Crew Clothing | Bag - Mulberry | Sandals - Oasis

And before we knew it, it was time!

We were lucky enough to have seats on No.1 Court, so we watched the ladies' doubles semi-final as the sun beat down on our backs. 

Wimbledon 2018 - Maggie May

It's quite surreal, being so close to the action and heavily involved in the games - an obviously completely different experience to watching at home on the TV. 

After a couple of hours of watching some very gripping tennis {Melichar & Peschke vs. Dabrowski & Xu, for the fans amongst you} we headed into the shade to have strawberries and cream and cool down - I think it's very important to follow such respected British traditions...

Then came the match I was looking forward to most - the mixed doubles semi-final with Jamie Murray and Victoria Azarenka. What a treat!

Wimbledon 2018 - Maggie May

They were great to watch - plus we spotted Judy Murray in the crowd not too far away...

We watched a bit more of the mixed doubles {Melichar was back, this time with Peya - the eventual champions} and as afternoon turned into evening, we gathered up our suncream and water bottles and turned towards home - with one last amble past Henman Hill.

Wimbledon 2018 - Maggie May

I just hope we're able to go again in 2019!


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