29 June 2014

This Week's '-ings'

It's a Sunday, I had a beautiful lie in this morning, and now my boyfriend is making American-style pancakes with bacon and maple syrup for lunch. (Photos to follow if I can sneak a snap on my iPhone without him seeing) Life is good! I thought now would be a good time to write down my current '-ings'. Let me know what you think on Twitter - you can find me @secretmaggiemay. 

26 June 2014

Melting Moments

I have been meaning to bake these melting moments for a while, as I wanted to try out my new piping bag and set of nozzles - yes, my life really is that exciting! I'm sure the bakers among you will understand my eagerness.

These biscuits are also perfect for June; I think they fit in with the whole British summertime/Wimbledon/high tea ideal, don't you think?

18 June 2014

Greetings from Andalucia!

Good evening, my lovely blog readers! I want to apologise for the slight lack of blog posts over the last few days... But I have a good reason for it; I spent the week in Andalucia!

Above is a view of Granada from the breath-taking Alhambra.

I won't lie to you; it was very hot.

12 June 2014

June's Recommendation: Excel Clothing

Earlier this week, one of my friends suggested that I take a look at www.excelclothing.com and write a review for the blog. At first I wasn't too sure; I only like to write posts about brands and products which I genuinely love and feel passionate about. That's why you guys read it, right? However, just a few minutes spent on Excel's website, and I'm hooked.


8 June 2014

This Week's '-ings'

Hello to my lovely blog readers! It's a Sunday, which means it's time for this week's '-ings'. I hope you like reading my '-ings' - I like writing them, as I think it's a great way to sum up my favourite things from the last 7 days! It's always great to have feedback from you guys though, so please feel free to comment on this blog post with your thoughts. If you enjoy reading my '-ings', you can find previous ones here.

5 June 2014

Classical Music for Beginners

Good afternoon everyone! Today's post follows a slightly different theme to what I usually write about... But I think it's good to have a change from time to time!

I am a big fan of classical music - I've already told you all about my love for ClassicFM. I'll say it from the start; I am definitely no expert. I just know what I like listening to, and what puts me in a good mood. Classical music is like any other genre though; your favourites depend on what the situation is and what you're up to, so it's very hard to pick just a few recommendations... I've given it a go though, and below are five of my top classical pieces. I think these are great ones for newbies to this genre - why not have a listen? Go on....

1 June 2014

This Week's '-ings'

It's JUNE! Yippee. Time to stock up on Pimms, fish out the Wayfarers and slap on some sun cream. We are going to have a hot summer this year in the UK, I'm sure of it.

Are you ready for this week's '-ings'? There's a bit of a summery theme going on with this post... I'm just so excited for some sun!
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