25 April 2019

A Family Easter

Maggie May - A Family Easter
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Wasn’t the Easter weekend gorgeous?

At risk of sounding repetitive/like I had short term memory loss, I kept on saying to whoever would listen, “it’s like it’s the August bank holiday, not April!” But it was true - as we sat in the sunshine, slapping on sun cream, buying ice creams and swatting away wasps, it definitely felt like mid-summer.

12 April 2019

Dress Like a Royal

Maggie May - Dress Like A Royal
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I agree, this post might seem a little silly. But what with all the political rubbish going on at the moment, I wanted to write something more trivial than usual, both for myself and my readers, who I thought might be in need of some light relief!

For a long time now, when in need of style inspiration, there has been a group of women who are always my failsafe: our beloved royals.

Admittedly their wardrobe budgets are a tad higher than mine, they carry out a few more public engagements than I do, and I might attract a few stares if I wear a dress coat next time I go food shopping, but there’s still a lot I can learn from them when it comes to fashion.

5 April 2019

City Guide to Glasgow

The Secret Life of Maggie May- City Guide to Glasgow
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Last month, we were meant to be visiting our lovely friends in Glasgow. Unfortunately our plans had to change fairly last minute... But knowing we will arrange to meet up another time instead, and with a trip to "Dear Green Place" pencilled in for the summer, not too much harm has been done thankfully!

It did get me thinking though about this brilliant city which we last visited a few years ago, and some of my favourite sites, restaurants and caf├ęs I’d love to see again. Yep, you guessed it... I decided to put together another of my city guides
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