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My name is Zoe, and I live in the Cotswolds, a beautiful part of southern England, with my husband and our little boy Henry. I'm a country girl who enjoys baking, travelling, and discovering new coffee shops, as well as writing posts for my beloved blog - this is where I document my life and loves.

There are various ways you can contact me - you can find them all here, and click here if you're interested in working together.

Thank you so much for visiting Cotswold Zoe. I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings...

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{Updated 20.04.20}

From 1st March 2019, if one of my posts is sponsored, I will say so at the beginning of the post, and also include #SPON in the title and any social media posts.

Some posts within this site contain affiliate links {marked *}, which means I may earn a small commission if you click the link then purchase a product or service from the third party website. Purchasing a product or service from a link does not increase your purchase price. I will always include a disclosure statement in posts if they contain affiliate links.

Some posts within this site contain gifted items {marked *}, which means a company, brand or third party have provided me with the product or experience free of charge. I only ever recommend products and services that I have personally used or thoroughly researched, and will only write about gifted items I feel are relevant to my readers. These are my opinions and are not representative of the companies that create these products.

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