30 October 2014

Packing Essentials

Good evening! For the last hour or so I have been manically running around my bedroom, doing some last minute packing for my trip to Cornwall.

I'm so excited! Top of the agenda for me is Falmouth; I've heard from so many people how beautiful it is - I can't wait to get snapping with my camera and having a look in all the independent shops and boutiques I've heard so much about.

Anyhow, I will fill you all in on how my travels went on my return... Tonight I thought I would just share with you a glimpse of what I'm taking with me. It's always fun to snoop through other people's luggage, isn't it?

9 October 2014

Autumnal High Street Fashion

HELLO! It's me, I'm back! Back from my month long blogging hiatus. Why was I gone for so long? Well, lots of reasons... I started a new job, we had family troubles in the form of illness - and maybe I've spent a bit too much time drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes over the last few weeks.

But this brings me on nicely to my first blog post of October... Autumnal fashion! I LOVE Autumn. It's by far my favourite season. The leaves on the trees turn a gorgeous colour, with their burnt orange/bronze tones, the air turns crisper and fresher, and most importantly, it means I can start wearing all my beloved boots and thick jumpers again.

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