24 March 2020

Hand Care

Hand Care, Maggie May
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I have a confession to make: luxury soaps and hand washes are my guilty pleasure, and they have been for a long time. My bathroom cabinet is heaving with a selection of different hand creams and lotions, and I spend far too long thinking about which hand care products would be best in the en suite vs. the bathroom vs. the downstairs loo. A little sad perhaps, but we all have a thing, don't we?

We expect a lot from our hands, and the current combination of increased hand washing and colder weather means that it doesn't take long before the skin starts to become dry and sore. Both Mr MM and I are prone to getting cracks on our knuckles in the colder winter months, so we've tried a lot of different products between us over the years.

In light of our current situation, I thought it might be useful to share some recommendations with you all. I've included a few of my tried and tested ones for you below, with exclusive offers and discounts too! Hand washing will always be important, so let's do what we can to replace some of those natural oils and keep our hands lovely and hydrated.

20 March 2020

Spring in Cornwall

Looe, Cornwall

A while ago, I asked my followers on Instagram which posts on The Secret Life of Maggie May they enjoyed the most. The most popular answer? Stories about my travels and adventures - and I was so happy to read this, because they're some of my favourite posts to write!

As a child, I adored reading Enid Blyton novels and imagining I was exploring distant lands. At a time when our travel options become more limited, I am finding myself revisiting that youthful phase, with a curiosity and interest in reading about what others are up to all across the world. It is an escape, as reading often is, and to imagine where I might visit in years to come is optimistic and exciting, as opposed to depressing. I will continue to share my tales of recent travels, in the hope that you find the same joy and pleasure as I do, and today's post is one any lover of Cornwall will enjoy.

10 March 2020

10 Years Together

10 Years Together - Maggie May

I've been meaning to write a post about my husband for a while now. But I think the enormity of the task {where do I even begin?!} has put me off and meant that it's fallen lower down on the blogging priority list.


3 March 2020

The First Trimester

Maggie May - The First Trimester

I can't believe I'm now in my second trimester, and a third of the way through my pregnancy.

It's been so exciting to share the news with you all, and I can't tell you how happy Mr MM and I am to be on this journey to having our baby!

However I'd be omitting a huge truth if I didn't admit that it's been a real struggle to get to this point. As always, I aim to be completely honest with what I write on The Secret Life of Maggie May, and I have found the first couple of months of being pregnant incredibly difficult. When we decided to have a baby, I put a lot of thought into my fertility, planning for a baby, and also the birth and labour. I was totally blindsided by how difficult the actual pregnancy bit would be! When I read that back, I know it sounds naive - but I didn't think that the first few months would be that bad. There have been so many weird and wonderful symptoms I have experienced - which maybe I'll share in a different post for those interested in reading more about pregnancy! - and I've found the whole process not only physically exhausting, but mentally too.
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