11 April 2017

Easter Rocky Road

Easter Rocky Road - Maggie May

Easter is nearly upon us!

And that means not only is it time for eating eggs constantly, spending quality time with our family, and other traditional pursuits, but also for lots of baking ahead of the bank holiday weekend...

I therefore decided to whip up a brand new recipe in honour of the spring season - but I must warn you:

It's wickedly indulgent.

Literally chock-a-block full of more sweet and sugary delights than you can shake a daffodil at, my creation is none other than Easter Rocky Road. 


7 April 2017

Brunch at London Bridge

In my humble opinion, brunch is the greatest.

A tantalising combination of sweet and savoury, once you sit down to enjoy a brunch, you're not in a rush to go anywhere. One seems to get away with eating quite vast quantities of food too - because hey, it's brunch!

Choosing where to go for brunch in London can be tricky - we're spoilt for choice with breakfast hotspots and Instagram-worthy haunts, unsure of whose avo-on-toast is really the best. However, I did have a pretty good feeling about the star of today's blog post. 

Brunch at London Grind - London Bridge, Near Borough Market

Brunch at London Grind - London Bridge, Near Borough Market

Brunch at London Grind - London Bridge, Near Borough Market

3 April 2017

Coffee & Walnut Cake

Easy Coffee & Walnut Cake Recipe

Coffee and walnut cake is Mr Maggie May's favourite.

It's got to have a good, strong coffee flavour, a deliciously light and fluffy sponge, be packed full of walnuts, and it can't be too sickly sweet. With such a strict list of requirements, it's hardly surprising that I had avoided baking this classic in the seven years we have been together...

Finally, with bated breath, I decided to give it a go.
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