22 September 2017

The Weekend Edit 22/09 - Colour Pop

As September ticks by, it seems we must wave goodbye to hopes of any more warm weather in the UK this year...

I can't say I'm too disappointed by this, what with being an autumn baby who loves nothing more than cooing at the changing leaves and wrapping scarves around me excitedly. But I DO think that before we make a dash for the pumpkin spice lattes, now is the time to inject one last pop of colour into our wardrobes, before we turn towards the slightly more mellow, relaxed, chocolatey tones of October.

18 September 2017

Tower of London

Tower of London

This weekend, we decided to play at being tourists!

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge


15 September 2017

The Weekend Edit 15/09 - Bakers Gonna Bake

I can't help it, I've got Bake Off fever!

If you haven't been watching brand new The Great British Bake Off for the last few weeks - where have you been? I must admit, while I was a big sceptic at first, I am well and truly engrossed in this series {even though Mary Berry's absence is still a bitter pill to swallow...}

I'm not writing episode reviews this year like I did back in 2015, but I have put together The Weekend Edit this week with all you baking enthusiasts in mind.


11 September 2017

The Wedding Diaries - Decisions Decisions

Kate Spade Mrs Necklace

There's just over one year to go until our wedding!

Now, some people respond when we say this with, 'Oh, so it's not for ages then.' {I fall into this camp} 

Others, however, helpfully reply: 'Gosh, that's not long at all is it? That will fly by! Not much time to save up and arrange everything!'


Luckily, we have both thrown ourselves into wedding planning and getting things sorted. I'm not sure how we've been quite so efficient - we've certainly been told numerous times that we are a very organised engaged couple! I think it's partly because we wanted a fairly short engagement, partly because we agreed on what sort of wedding we would like pretty early on - and partly because we're just so excited about getting married and having a brilliant day!


8 September 2017

The Weekend Edit 08/09 - Back to School

It's back to school month!

I know I'm too old to actually be at school, but whenever it comes to September, I still get that frisson of excitement. A new year, a new start - and an excuse to buy even more stationery...

The Weekend Edit this week has a mixture of lovely things, from stylish dresses to swanky accessories. One of my favourites is this cute cat collar shirt:

4 September 2017

Bye Bye Black Dog

Bye Bye Black Dog

Back in May, I wrote a post about my low mood

I notice now that I didn't put a specific name to what was going on {Hermione's voice is playing in my head - "Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself." Any fellow Harry Potter geeks reading this? No?} So here it is - I was suffering from depression

It doesn't feel particularly liberating to write that - I'm more embarrassed and ashamed than anything else. But why? Every year, 1 in 4 of us experiences a mental health problem. Yet even now, in 2017, there is still a stigma attached to mental health. We tell ourselves that there isn't anymore, but there really, really is. 

What I didn't realise at the time was that I was also suffering from moderate anxiety. I'm going to be 100% truthful with you all - because that's what this post is about - and I understand that my comments might offend. But I had always thought of anxiety as being something typically self-diagnosed by young women, mistaking their everyday worries and concerns for a serious mental health problem. I guess I viewed anxiety in a similar way to how I used to view chronic fatigue syndrome.

1 September 2017

The Weekend Edit 01/09 - Celestial Beings

It's September! Can you believe it?

It's a busy month ahead, what with the kids going back to school and the start of autumn, so I have chosen a lovely theme for The Weekend Edit this week...

Think star prints, swirl patterns, metallics and moons - all things celestial.

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