28 June 2018

Skin-Boost Smoothie

Skin-Boost Smoothie - Maggie May

Yeah, OK, so it looks a bit grey.

But this is honestly one of the most delicious breakfast smoothies ever. And the best part? It's great for your skin!

Firstly, there's coconut oil to add some hydration to crispy, dry skin. Add to that some creamy avocado, well known for being a rich source of vitamin E, and you're already onto a winning combination.

What else has the smoothie got in it? Spinach; an excellent source of iron, vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C and folate, as well as being a good source of manganese, magnesium and vitamin B2. Blueberries; king of the superfoods, packed full of antioxidants. And finally almonds, in the form of almond butter; loaded with even more vitamin E, selenium, zinc, calcium, magnesium and B vitamins, especially folate and biotin (vitamin B7).

Whilst there isn't one sure-fire way to getting flawless, glowing skin, this is a very good start. Obviously you want to carry on with the things that we know are good for your skin, like following a skincare routine targeted to your personal skin issues, using SPF no matter what the weather, and guzzling as much water as possible. But add this smoothie to your routine, and your skin will love you.

It's worth noting that there is currently no evidence to suggest that certain foods cause acne, and although we used to think that sugar or dairy products make acne worse, research has found no evidence to prove this. What we do know is that a balanced diet full of varied fruit and vegetables is good for your health in general - so yet another reason to give this recipe a go!

I've started having this smoothie every morning for my breakfast on weekdays, as I'm *hoping* I can give my skin an extra-helping hand in the lead up to the wedding. I absolutely love it; it's so tasty, and is a great way to start the day. I tend to make it the night before so it's ready for me to grab from the fridge in the morning; I wouldn't make it any earlier than about 12 hours before you'll be drinking it though.

I add in oats to make it a proper breakfast and keep me full until lunch, but if you're drinking this through the day as a snack, I'd probably leave the oats out. Likewise, I add the cocoa depending on what mood I'm in and how much I'm craving chocolate that day...! It gives the smoothie a lovely, rich flavour {as well as it's dark, slightly depressive colour} but it's just as yummy without, maybe slightly fresher and crisper tasting.

So here it is, my Skin-Boost Smoothie! Let me know what you think on Twitter, and send me your smoothie snaps on Instagram too.

Ingredients - Makes 1 smoothie

1 banana  
Half an avocado {I cling-film the other half to use in my smoothie the next day, and it usually keeps quite well - if the edge has browned slightly, I just slice that bit off}
1 cup of raw spinach leaves
Half a cup of frozen blueberries
1 tsp maple syrup
300ml almond milk
1 dessert spoon coconut oil
1 dessert spoon smooth almond butter {choose the 100% stuff - I use this}
1 dessert spoon cocoa powder {optional}
Half a cup of Scottish porridge oats {optional}


Measuring cups
Blender {I use this one which works perfectly}


1. Place ingredients into blender in order listed above. 

2. Blend until smooth. 


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