11 February 2015

Winter Hair and Beauty Fixes

Winter, eh? I love the hot chocolates, the snuggly jumpers, the stylish and comfortable boots and the cosy nights in, but I really hate what it does to my hair and skin. I'm sure I'm not the only one!

My hair is just SO FRIZZY at the moment. The thing is, not only do our lovely locks get damaged and dried out in the freezing cold weather, but also our sudden amping up of the central heating does our hair no good at all. Add all that to the fact that we wear a lot of scarves in the winter months, which if you have fine hair like me wreak absolute havoc, and you can end up with a very sorry looking head of hair.

And that's not all (seriously, men have no idea). What about our skin?! As my Twitter followers may already know, I have had really sore, dry hands for the last few days - and now I've noticed some dry patches of skin appearing on my face too. Finally, don't we all suffer from that age old problem of chapped lips when the weather turns cold?

Fear not. I have not written this blog post just so I can have a whinge, but because I wanted to share with you some of my hair and beauty saviours which are helping me through this exceedingly difficult time. (OK, maybe a tad dramatic)


4 February 2015


Hands up if you're a brownie fan? 

*Puts both hands and also both feet in the air* 

I love brownies, but having baked them quite a few times before (remember the slutty brownies?) I wanted to try something different. That's when I remembered the gorgeous 'blondie' I had tasted at Carfest in 2013... Oh my goodness, it was like a taste of heaven. And once I'd remembered it, I couldn't think why I hadn't baked blondies before!
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