21 October 2015

October Style

Back at the end of September, I told you all how much I love autumnal fashion. The snuggly jumpers, cute woolly hats and gorgeous wellies and boots we get to wear at this time of year are my absolute favourite wardrobe items - and luckily, the high street has treated us to some wonderful AW15 collections.

For me, the perfect outfit for October consists of a beautiful jumper, comfortable jeans, a warm hat, a practical but stylish coat, and a good pair of wellies for those long autumn walks! I've picked some of the best items in our shops right now, so you can create this look for yourself.

I also have a brilliant treat to share with you all today, so keep reading for more info...

The Coat

Next is my go-to shop when I'm looking for a new coat; they always have a fantastic range for outdoors, evening and workwear. Their Ripstop Jacket is utterly gorgeous; I could just see myself wearing this at the weekends as we amble through the countryside. It comes in Green, Ochre, Neutral and Navy (my fave) - but you want to snap one up quick as they're selling out fast!


16 October 2015

Apple, Damson & Blackberry Crumble

As the days get a little cooler, and we wrap up a little warmer in our snuggly jumpers and woolly tights, we automatically reach for those foods which are comforting and homely. The smell of a hearty stew wafting through the house as it bubbles away on the hob... The tingle of cinnamon on your tongue as you slurp away on your eighteenth Pumpkin Spice Latte... Well what about the taste of a traditional, delicious and utterly amazing apple, damson and blackberry crumble?

This autumn, I was determined to make the ultimate crumble. So often do we have high hopes for this dish, yet a soggy top or bland bottom can creep up on even the most accomplished cooks. Well not this time! This year was going to be the year that I created a crumble with a crispy, nutty topping, and a spicy, fruit-packed filling, that would make all its consumers hug their bowls closely to their chests with big grins on their faces as they reached for more lashings of custard. 

OK, so I may have been asking for quite a lot.


9 October 2015

Babu Bombay Street Kitchen

At the beginning of this month, I was very excited to be travelling up to Glasgow for the first time. I'd heard great reports about the food, the culture, the museums, the bars, and I couldn't wait to finally get to experience it all for myself. Plus, I'd only been to Scotland once before as a wee lass - I'd been itching to return ever since!

Our trip had to begin with a day of work first; luckily our accommodation was in a prime location, so it was fairly easy to find our way around and successfully get through a day packed full of meet and greets.

At last it was five o'clock, and I eagerly tracked down Mr Maggie May so we could start to plan our evening together. Having scoured the internet, our guidebook, as well as recommendations from our friends at People Make Glasgow, we decided to pay Babu Bombay Street Kitchen a visit for dinner. I sent a text to my friend to tell her to meet us there, and off we went!

Situated just off Blythswood Square on West Regent Street, it's hard to spot Babu at first, but once you've got it you can take in the cute fairy lights, the signs for proper chai tea, and the winding steps down to the front door.

It's not a large place; with just a few tables, the setting is intimate, casual but extremely welcoming. We found our friend sipping on what she described as a simply gorgeous cup of chai, and one of the friendly waitresses was quickly over to our table with menus. It's a BYOB establishment, with a small fee for corkage, and in our haste to get there we had neglected to pick something up - but the cups of thick, fragrant mango lassi we chose were amazing, and a perfect accompaniment to our meal.

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