22 September 2018

The Wedding Diaries - This Is It!

What a long break it’s been since my last post!

I mean, really long. I'm very, very sorry.

The guilt has been piling up of late, and when people began directly asking me when I'm going to start posting again, I knew I couldn't put it off any longer!

Sometimes, life just gets in the way, and the last couple of months have been more hectic than ever. Also, I never like to rush writing a blog post or churn them out just for the sake of it, so I decided to wait until I had the time to sit down and write one properly {let me know when you’ve had enough of my excuses…}

Anyway, now I’m back and it’s only 2 WEEKS to go until #maggiemaygetsmarried! Can you believe it? Because we certainly can't...

Maggie May The Wedding Diaries

In all honesty, I was pretty stressed a few weeks ago, and drinking far more coffee than usual due to sleep deprivation {induced by staying up late each night crafting things for the big day, or panic buying table confetti}. The more and more people were saying to me “Not long to go now!”, the more and more I worried and thought, “Will we have everything sorted in time?”

It’s funny really, as if you ask anyone who knows me at all well, they’d describe me as super organised and efficient, with a slightly unhealthy list obsession. So how on earth did it get to 6 weeks before the wedding with loads left to do?

I think partly because, as usual, time flies, and we reached September before we knew it. I started off super keen {poor Mr MM and his sister were subjected to drawing up the guest list with me the week we got engaged - literally} and I remember Mama Maggie May's warning that she wouldn’t be able to listen to me spewing out the super fine details every day for 18 months.

Maggie May The Wedding Diaries

I was also advised by many people not to have everything organised well in advance of the big day, or else there would be none of the fun side of planning left to enjoy in the final weeks. So I took a step back, told myself to take a relaxed and chilled approach… And then became a little too relaxed!

All that aside, when I put the anxiety and worries out of my mind for a moment, I started to feel so excited that I thought I might burst. As I could see elements of the wedding coming together, I became quite emotional, and have definitely shed a few happy tears at the thought of all our family and close friends seeing us get married. I am so unbelievably excited at the thought of Mr MM becoming my husband, and me becoming his wife. We tried our wedding rings on the other evening, and the smile on my face was so wide that I looked quite deranged… Sometimes I can’t decide what I’m looking forward to most – the food? The music? The flowers? And then I remember – it’s marrying the love of my life!

It's been so wonderful to share my story along the way with you all. It's lovely to speak to readers about our wedding plans, and I've loved talking to lots of you about it over the last 12 months on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Some of you have been following my posts on SoGlosWeddings' Bride Diaries series over the last year, and I was also live on BBC Gloucestershire back in July being interviewed by Anna King about wedding budgeting! It's been a busy few months...

What's left to do in this last fortnight? Finish writing the place names. Confirm everything is sorted for our New Zealand honeymoon.  Paint some signs directing people where to go.

Oh, and run around the house squealing uncontrollably about how excited I am.

Maggie May The Wedding Diaries

I think that's everything.


~ ~ ~

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