4 June 2018

The Wedding Diaries - Music and Cakes

The Wedding Diaries - Music and Cakes

4 months to go!

Our wedding really is getting closer now... And it doesn't feel like nearly a year ago that we got engaged. It makes me think that we should have been more productive with the wedding planning...!

I've started trying out a few fruit cake recipes for the wedding cake {progress since last month} - so far I've made two, and I'm not yet convinced that I've found the winning formula. Mama Maggie May's been busy baking too, so we're going to have a cake tasting session later this month. If you've got a good recipe for a traditional fruit cake, please leave a link below or tweet me!

The Wedding Diaries - Music and Cakes

We're also trying to get our music sorted out; it's an important part of the day for us, but also because we're both musical, it means we're finding it difficult to choose just a few pieces - and agree on them! We're incredibly lucky in that we have a choir singing at our ceremony, and an excellent organist, so we want to make sure we find some gorgeous compositions for them to perform.

I'm also working on our Spotify playlist for the evening disco - a few times Mr MM has walked into the living room of an evening to find me bobbing along to Wham!  by myself. Are there any songs in particular which you think should feature on a wedding playlist?

It's quite exciting {and daunting} that we have five weddings to attend this summer before ours {five!} One in June, one in July, two in August, and one in September - then it's ours in October! It means that from now onwards we have a really fun way to countdown through our friends' and family members' big days until our own. And who knows, there may be the odd idea we can borrow...

Let the 2018 wedding season begin!


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