23 June 2018

Flaming June

Lavender - The Secret Life of Maggie May

I’m back from my 2 week blogging hiatus! And what a 2 weeks it’s been - in fact, what a 2 months it’s been...

We’ve been ridiculously busy and hectic chez Maggie May for various reasons. Unfortunately Mama Maggie May has not been too well, and neither has my dad {Shall I call him Father Maggie May? That makes him sound like a monk... Papa Maggie May? That just sounds strange. We'll stick with dad for now} Actually, Mr MM’s dad is not well either - or his mum! Thanks a lot, parents.

I’ve had a little bout of fatigue recently too, just to add to the mix. A particularly low point was when I set off for an afternoon of retail therapy and was exhausted before I even got to the first shop! Nightmare.

On the plus side, we got to go to our friends’ beeeeautiful wedding in the Gower {you might have seen a few blurred and excitable Boomerangs on my Instagram feed} It was such a lovely weekend, celebrating the new Mr and Mrs {eek!} and spending time with our friends, drinking gin and posing in the photo booth.




I also went back to Somerset for a few days to see my parents, which was great. We met up with my hair stylist and make up artist for the wedding, and had a chat about the sort of look I want to go for {apparently you have to be a bit more specific than just ‘perfection’}. We had some family friends over for coffee and a catch up, had a meeting with the vicar to discuss arrangements for the big day, and managed to squeeze in a father-daughter lunch too.

Daddy-daughter lunch date - The Secret Life of Maggie May
Finally, I got to meet up with three of my gorgeous best friends {besties for 18 years and counting}. Two of us started the day with coffee and far too much shopping {definitely not my fault}, and then we met up with the others for a delicious afternoon tea. We gossiped and exchanged news, as if no time had passed since our last meeting - even though it had actually been several months, thanks to us being spread across the Cotswolds, London, Manchester and Norfolk... That’s how you know when it’s a genuine, lifelong friendship; you can pick up where you left off without the bat of an eyelid.

Best Friends Afternoon Tea - The Secret Life of Maggie May

I love them to bits!

I wish I could say that things are going to calm down a bit over the summer, but that would be, er, a lie. Lined up so far we’ve got four weddings, two stag weekends, one hen weekend, two concerts, and Wimbledon, not to mention dinners and lunches with friends alongside the usual weekly Pilates and squash. Oh, and all the wedding-related meetings and appointments {more on that in next month’s Wedding Diaries!}

But do you know what? Never complain about being busy - it means you're lucky enough to have loved ones to share exciting opportunities and adventures with. Yes, it may be exhausting at times - but you only live once, right? #YOLO.


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