15 March 2018

The Wedding Diaries - Timings and Tealights

The Wedding Diaries - Timings and Tea Lights

7 months to go until our wedding!

I really do get more and more excited each day. I try to calm down {with little success} and tell myself sternly that it’s only one day; that it’s silly to spend so much time thinking about what is essentially just a big party.

But it’s our wedding day! And nothing can stop me from being completely and utterly over the moon and ecstatic about it. I’ve got an appointment this month for a calico bodice prefit for my wedding dress, where a toile will be made so my dress is the perfect fit. It’s the first of my official fittings, so it feels like things really are starting to get serious!

The Wedding Diaries - Timings and Tea Lights

We’re also in the process of creating our invitations. My wonderfully talented friend is designing them for us, using illustrations of the flowers we are having to make them even more personal. I can’t wait to see them! I optimistically thought I would try and learn a bit of basic calligraphy for addressing these and also writing the place names for the wedding breakfast, but unsurprisingly it’s proving to be quite a difficult skill to master! Stay tuned for updates on that one.

Mama Maggie May and I are becoming increasingly panicked about making the wedding cake {but also relishing the challenge!} We’re going for a traditional fruit cake, with simple white icing, and our florist is going to decorate it with beautiful fresh flowers. We’ve decided we’re going to have a practice bake over Easter, so it looks like our family will be eating a lot of fruit cake that weekend...

The other big decision we’re trying to make this month is the timings for the day. It’s quite tricky trying to work out how long each element of the day will take - and how much time you want to allocate to each part. As long as there is PLENTY of time for eating, I think Mr MM and I will both be happy.

The Wedding Diaries - Timings and Tea Lights

And then there are the tealights. When we first got engaged, I found it amusing how many people were selling job lots of hundreds of tealights and lanterns on eBay, thinking it quite unnecessary. But now? I need tealights. Without giving too much away about the general theme and table decor we are going for, we do want to create a warm, autumnal ambience to the wedding breakfast, and lots of flickering candles will really add to that effect.

So yep, I have now completed my initiation into the brides-to-be club. Final requirement for new members? Tealight enthusiasm.

More wedding planning news next month!

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