9 August 2015

Lovely Lynmouth

On the second day of my visit home to see my parents (and my spaniel), we decided to pay a visit to Lynmouth, a beautiful village in Devon. We had been here a few times when I was younger, and thought it would be the perfect way to spend a sunny day.

Our journey to get there took us across Exmoor, a breath-taking National Park in the south west of England where I spent a lot of my childhood. I had to keep asking my dad to stop the car so I could get out and take photos - even though I had seen those views many times before!

Just after we'd set off again, my mum said excitedly, "LOOK! Stop the car, stop the car!"

This little chap was the reason why.

You can always be sure you'll spot an Exmoor pony or two on one of our outings!

Eventually, we made it to our destination. Lynmouth is actually connected to the village of Lynton via a water-powered funicular railway running up the cliff side. It's a wonderfully fun thing to do, but having taken this route a fair few times before, we decided to stick to just Lynmouth.

The sun was shining, we were surrounded by families enjoying themselves and eating ice creams, and the village felt quite calm and peaceful, despite being a busy day in August.

I just couldn't stop taking photos...

Having snapped away to my heart's content, my mum ushered my grandma and I towards the row of shops, selling local art, jewellery and souvenirs. My eyes were drawn in particular to the old-fashioned sweet shop!

^ I could definitely do with this sign in the mornings...

I bought a jar of local honey for Mr Maggie May (who was gutted he had to work while we gallivanted around the countryside) and a little present to put away for my mother-in-law's birthday. I could easily have bought a lot more things, but kept thinking about our holiday which is just around the corner!

As the day drew to an end and the shops' doors started to close, we took one last look across the bridge.

We set off for home, and I must admit to nodding off on the way back. After a day of fresh air, a big lunch and lots of wandering and shopping, it was a fitting end to the day.

The final part of my southern adventure will be on the blog soon! Have you visited this part of the world? Have you ever been to Lynmouth? Leave me a comment below, or you can tweet me here.


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