6 August 2015

Hotchpotch at Home

As those of you who follow me on Instagram may have noticed, I recently travelled home to spend a few days with my lovely parents. I have some time off, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to pop back and see them.

My train journey went fairly quickly, as I was engrossed in my latest read The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell, and before I knew it we had arrived at my stop. I jumped off onto the platform, my bag smelling quite strongly of lavender from the little soap I had bought for my mum, and made my way into the town.

I stopped off for an hour in Coffee #1 to meet one of my oldest friends for a much-needed catch up over cappuccino and cake. We had so much to talk about - our travels, work, boyfriends, what our friends had been up to. I feel so lucky to have such lovely friends (soppy moment, sorry). It's not easy to stay in touch after sixth form as everyone embarks for different universities, and even more difficult as people start jobs and even move abroad. But a group of us have remained close, and I love them all to bits. Back to the coffee shop - an hour and a half flew by, and it was time to track down my family and get my lift home!

I found my mother and grandmother in one of the nearby shops, and the first thing my mum said was, "Wow! Look at your top!" I beamed proudly. It was, after all, brand new.

Having nipped into the city centre earlier in the week to pick up some more things for our holiday (the list seems to be never-ending!), I had made a sneaky detour to one of my favourite shops, Joules - and I'm so glad I did! They have an amazing summer sale on currently, with lots of reductions on their beautiful cami tops, sundresses and accessories. 

This particular number currently has 20% off, and whilst I went for the awesome "Hotchpotch" design, there are 14 different colour combinations to choose from. I was torn between this one and the Pretty Pink stripe. In fact, I'm tempted to go back and pick up another...

Once home, Mum and I ventured out into the garden so she could show me what had changed since my last visit. We checked that the bird feeder didn't need refilling, and then had a look at how the flowers and plants were doing. One of my favourite features of my parents' garden is their 'mini orchard': on my 16th birthday, they planted an apple tree; on my 18th, a pear tree, and on my 21st, a plum tree. The pears will be coming into season around September time, so we wandered over to see how they were getting on.

Shoes - New Look 
(These grey ones are currently unavailable, but you can still get them in 
^ I wish I was just a few inches taller!
It seemed we weren't the only ones checking that everything was in order outside.

This little munchkin is one of my favourite reasons for visiting home (along with my parents, obviously). She's a big wuss (scared of fireworks, thunderstorms, and most worryingly, the dark), she's a big baby (forever dropping her toys onto your foot so you play with her) and she really loves cuddles. 

She's very pleased to meet you all.

I know I'm biased, but isn't she cute?!

As it started to get dusky, we went back into the house to watch a DVD with my grandma - Big Eyes, starring Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz. Art-lovers, this film is a must-see! We all really enjoyed it, and with that it was time for bed.

Do you already own this Hotchpotch top? Have you seen the film Big Eyes? Do you also have an incredibly cute dog?! Leave your comments below, or tweet me!


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