9 October 2014

Autumnal High Street Fashion

HELLO! It's me, I'm back! Back from my month long blogging hiatus. Why was I gone for so long? Well, lots of reasons... I started a new job, we had family troubles in the form of illness - and maybe I've spent a bit too much time drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes over the last few weeks.

But this brings me on nicely to my first blog post of October... Autumnal fashion! I LOVE Autumn. It's by far my favourite season. The leaves on the trees turn a gorgeous colour, with their burnt orange/bronze tones, the air turns crisper and fresher, and most importantly, it means I can start wearing all my beloved boots and thick jumpers again.

Of course, I simply had to blog about all the beautiful new fall collections on our fabulous British high street at the moment. I've picked my fave few from the bunch (and let me tell you, it was hard!) There are skirts, boots, bags - and one very lovely Parka...

1. Logan Ankle Boots. Available in Chocolate or Black. £179, Hobbs. 

"My name is Maggie May, and I'm a boot-aholic." There it is, my confession; I have a bit of an obsession with boots. I know I have too many pairs, but that unfortunately doesn't stop me from buying more... And these beauties from Hobbs aren't doing much to help my little problem. Made from Italian leather with oh-so-stylish stretch panels, I'll have to sit on my hands to stop myself from ordering a pair in each colour. Pair these with skinny jeans, quilted jacket and a floral scarf for effortless autumnal style.

2. Star Print Rucksack. £22, Next.

This rucksack is SO cute - I love it. It's really fun, and is guaranteed to brighten up any outfit. Ideal for when you're running errands, I'd grab this rucksack on my casual days. I think it would look great with my red Converses, denim mini skirt and thick woollen tights!

3. Best of British Floral Jacquard Mini Skirt. £79, Marks and Spencer.

I have Glamour magazine to thank for seeking out this stunning piece... Their recent post on stylish workwear featured this luxe M&S creation, and my fingers couldn't click their way to the link fast enough. Not only does the pattern incorporate a gorgeous royal blue colour, but the skirt is made in the UK too - so you can look amazing AND feel patriotic. What more could you want?

4. Faux Fur Trimmed Parka Jacket. £98, Topshop.

Yes, yes, yes, it's THAT jacket. The one everyone is raving about, the one you see featured in all the magazines - the one that Cara Delevingne herself models in Topshop's advert. Is it any wonder it's proved such a hit already? As the autumn breeze gets sharper and a bit more blustery, this Parka is perfect for wrapping up warm in. Have you seen the faux fur hood? It can make anyone look adorable - yes, anyone.

For good measure, here's a pic of our favourite super Cara doing her thing in this wondrous coat.

5. Checked Wraparound Skirt. £14.99, H&M.

Any fans of Doctor Who in the house? Yes? Good. Welcome to my blog - we're going to get on brilliantly, because I love Doctor Who. Do you know one of the things I love most about the series? Three words: Clara Oswald's wardrobe. Every Saturday night, I dash to my laptop at the end of the episode so I can try and Google what Jenna Coleman wore. So when I came across this wraparound skirt on H&M's website, I gave a squeal of excitement; not because Clara wore this skirt (at least, not to my knowledge) but because it encompasses her style perfectly. Oh, AND because I think it's a lovely little skirt! (Psst... Have you seen the price?)

So there you have it, my five favourite high street items for the autumn. Don't go out and buy them all at once - maybe just go for the boots first of all. Oh, and perhaps the check skirt. I suppose you could slip in the rucksack too... Ahhh! Don't say I didn't warn you!



  1. That floral skirt is just so classy and gorgeous!



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