30 October 2014

Packing Essentials

Good evening! For the last hour or so I have been manically running around my bedroom, doing some last minute packing for my trip to Cornwall.

I'm so excited! Top of the agenda for me is Falmouth; I've heard from so many people how beautiful it is - I can't wait to get snapping with my camera and having a look in all the independent shops and boutiques I've heard so much about.

Anyhow, I will fill you all in on how my travels went on my return... Tonight I thought I would just share with you a glimpse of what I'm taking with me. It's always fun to snoop through other people's luggage, isn't it?

1. The Casual Vacancy, by J.K. Rowling
Whenever I go away anywhere, I always have to take a book with me - if there's travel involved, you never know if you're going to be delayed, and I have a routine of reading a few pages last thing at night, whether I'm home or away. I'm absolutely LOVING this book by JK - it's a big 'un (like the later Harry Potter books) but it's very good.

2. Tangle Teezer
Those of you who read my blog post about Tangle Teezers will know instantly why I've packed this, Enough said.

3. Chanel No. 5
I put perfume on everyday - but I tend to save my Chanel for the weekends. I feel special when I have it on; I think it has that effect on all women. The perfect addition to my luxury weekend away!

4. Snuggly Primark pyjamas
OK, so the tartan PJs don't really go with the Chanel, but I don't care: I want to be comfortable in my nice big hotel bed, and Primark just know how to make the perfect set of pyjamas! Not one of my girlfriends doesn't own a pair of Primark pyjama bottoms... Do you find that?

5. No7 Stay Perfect Foundation in Natural Ivory
I tweeted about this foundation only this morning, and with good reason - it suits my oily skin perfectly. I find a lot of foundations can start to get a bit sticky half way through a busy day, and they simply melt away - but this one stays put, and gives a lovely silky finish. 

6. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS30
I'm going away for the weekend: of course I'm going to take my beloved camera! It's so travel friendly that I can just slip it into my handbag or coat pocket, no problem.

Well I'd love to go on to tell you all the clothes I've packed (quite a few, to be honest) but I really MUST go and finish packing! Eeeek. I'll be back to tell you all about my Cornish travels. Until then, have a gorgeous weekend.


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