2 September 2014

Baker Days

One of the things I love about blogging is that you are one of the first to be made aware of new brands and products; therefore I was extremely excited when the lovely folks at Baker Days asked me if I'd like to try out one of their new Halloween themed letterbox cakes. My answer was unsurprisingly a loud, enthusiastic and resounding YES.

A few days later, I received a plain white box in the post. What I found when I opened it was a brilliant surprise.

Isn't this a great selection of goodies to receive?!

A sweet little card informed me that my gifts were indeed from Baker Days, and it was accompanied by candles, balloons and a party horn. While all of this was lovely, there was the very important matter of cake which I wanted to address, fast.

I was really pleasantly surprised at the quality of the cake tin; with 'Just for You' emblazoned on the lid, I'm looking forward to using this again and again for transporting my bakes around!

And now moving on to what was in the tin....

I thought the 'Happy Halloween' pattern on the icing looked fab and of a very high quality, along with the message 'Enjoy this spooky treat!'

We tucked into the Halloween themed madeira cake pretty quickly. I would be telling a fib if I said it tasted like Mary Berry herself had baked it, but the sponge was perfectly good. You can pay a little bit extra for chocolate chip sponge cake, fruit cake, and gluten or dairy free sponge cake.

If you're a fan of Brightside cards (I think they're excellent), you'll be pleased to know Baker Days have collaborated with them to produce Brightside cakes, but that's not all: anniversary, thank you, get well soon, new home, retirement, driving test, good luck, new job, new baby... there's literally a cake for every single occasion.

My conclusions? I think these cakes are really FUN. Whilst I might not order one of these for Halloween, I will definitely be ordering some of the Baker Days birthday cakes, and I just love the photo upload cakes. Imagine sending one of these to your friends for them to open with a really funny, possibly unflattering pic of them spread across the icing... The fact that these cakes just slip through your letterbox is brilliant - mine arrived in absolutely perfect condition, and the expiry date on the cake is very good too. All in all, I'm a very happy consumer!

Baker Days' letterbox gift cakes are £14.99 each, available from www.bakerdays.com.


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  1. Great review. The cake looked delliccious! Its such a clever and cute idea. Not sure id like to pay £14.99 but it does look like you get your moneys worth.

    : http://evverythingnice.blogspot.co.uk/


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