9 May 2014

Tease those Tangles

My hair is fine - really fine. When I step out of the house in the mornings, my hair instantly ties itself in knots - and don't even get me started on how it gets when I wear scarves!

I'd simply accepted my tangly-haired fate, allowing extra time everyday to comb through my mid-length locks with a slight grimace on my face. And then, something amazing came along - a product which has cut my getting ready time down by about 15 minutes!

I had heard of Tangle Teezers before my Mum brought me one back from the duty free store at the airport. Why I hadn't tried one, I'm not sure. But I can say now with absolute confidence that I will never be without one again!

This brush/comb/wonder product glides through my hair like nothing else - the phrase, 'like a knife through butter' comes to mind.  I used to be very careful when towel-drying my hair so as not to aggravate it more, but now that's a thing of the past, as the Tangle Teezer will comb through anything.

One more great fact (as if you need another reason to buy one); if you have slightly frizzy or fly-away hair, the Teezer somehow seems to combat this. I have definitely noticed less of the 'baby-fluff' appearance... 

My product of preference is the super convenient Compact Styler - I have it in the fun 'Pink Sizzle' shade because that's what my Mum bought for me, but all 4 colours are lovely. (Pssst... They currently have some Limited Edition Compact Stylers, including Shaun the Sheep!) 

The size and shape mean I can grab it from my dressing table and slip it into my handbag or workbag with ease - it's so lightweight. Priced at a very purse-friendly £12.25 (including VAT), this is one of my favourite hair and beauty products ever. 


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