9 May 2014

My Dress Wish List

We all have a wish list, don't we? Some people's may include new cars, or diamonds... Or maybe a lovely new house? I'll tell you what mine consists of: beautiful dresses.

So here's what I currently have my beady eye on....*

1. Mantaray Boat Print Dress - £35, sizes 8-20. Available at debenhams.com

I love this dress for so many reasons... Firstly, it's blue, which is one of my favourite colours to wear. Isn't it just a really flattering colour? (And royal - hell-oo Kate Middleton)

Secondly, I think you could wear this dress in all kinds of weather conditions - let's be frank, British summers don't guarantee sunshine. But this dress would look great with flip-flops and sunglasses, or with a cardigan, tights and pumps.

I just love a dress that's versatile!

2. Uttam Boutique Chrysanthemum Print Dress - £60, sizes 8-16. Available at yumidirect.co.uk

When I first set eyes on this dress, I fell in love. To be honest, pictures just do not do it justice. The Georgette fabric is dreamy, and the beautiful mint colour (entitled Light Blue) is perfect for summer weddings and parties. If I was lucky enough to get my mitts on this dress, I'd team it with my favourite nude heels and simple jewellery.

This dress also comes in a soft pink shade.

Isn't it gorgeous?

3. Milton Dress - £69.50, sizes 6-14. Available at jackwills.com

I was mooching (an excellent British word) around Jack Wills with my partner when I saw this dress and I actually gave an audible gasp. I'm not the biggest Jack Wills fan usually (we were in fact searching for a gift for a friend), but this dress is really lovely. Navy, so obviously I love it, but also chic and flattering.

So how would I wear this dress? Easy: with wedges! You've gotta love a good wedge.

It's a little confusing with this dress, as the shade pictured is 'Ink'. There is another shade available called 'Navy Geo' which is actually a grey/white colour, and a beautiful pink/coral shade called 'Petal'.

The perfect dress for a summer barbie, no?

4. Coral Lace Dress - £70, sizes include Petite, Regular & Tall. Available at next.co.uk

So this is the most expensive dress on my wish list... But it's a stunning one. (And it's not blue for a change!) Lace, check. Coral, check. Flattering sleeves and hemline, check. It has to be said, if you're looking to buy a new dress for your wardrobe, Next do dresses well! 

My partner and I are lucky enough to be attending a wedding and a christening this summer, and this dress would be perfect for family gatherings. It's a classic 'day to night' piece - I love it!

I have to keep restraining my hand from clicking 'Add to Bag'...

So there you have it; my current want list, or 'wish list' to be a little more lady-like. I'd love to hear your thoughts on my dress selection - maybe some of you are already strutting your stuff in one of these numbers? If so, well done - you have excellent taste!

*Please note, sizes available are correct at time of going to print.


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