13 May 2019

Addicted to Crime Dramas

Addicted to Crime Dramas - Maggie May

I’ve been watching so much Gossip Girl recently that I’m having to restrain myself from starting this post off with, “Good morning Upper East Siders...” But it’s fine, I can stop myself. Just.

When I’m not watching gloriously ridiculously shows like the aforementioned Gossip Girl {other favourites in this category include Desperate Housewives, Revenge, 90210 and Once Upon A Time}, I love getting my teeth into a crime drama. Mr MM and I have enjoyed lots over the past few years, so I thought I would share some of the best ones with you.

I’m sure loads of you have seen many of these before, but you might find one on the list which is as yet unknown - in which case, book yourself a binge watching session immediately!


Starting off with an obvious one. All 3 series of this were excellent - rare for a drama - and if you stopped after series 1 or 2, I’d thoroughly recommend completing it. If you haven’t seen it yet, where have you been?! It’s also a great opportunity to watch a rugged David Tennant, with original thick Scottish accent in full force.

T H E  M I S S I N G

Now I have to make a confession here in that we haven’t actually seen series 1 of this! But it’s saved on our Virgin Media box to watch. Series 2 was incredible - we started watching the first episode by accident, and after a few minutes we were hooked. It’s quite a disturbing and gripping one, but the writing is incredible.


This is a spin-off from The Missing mentioned above - really not sure why they decided to rename it, because it’s exactly the same format as The Missing was - maybe it’s because Julien Baptiste is such a babe? Anyway, this is fantastic as well. Only one series so far - but I think it’s confirmed as coming back for more. Also Tom Hollander is brilliant as usual.

T H E  N I G H T  M A N A G E R

Whilst we’re having a Tom Hollander moment, let’s mention this one-off drama based on John le Carré's novel. We became hooked to this - such tremendous acting throughout, including Hugh Laurie as the baddie.


A lesser known one that’s only had the one series so far. Not quite as excellent as the others mentioned above, but still definitely worth a watch. Carey Mulligan is great.

T H E  B A Y

This one has only just finished, and I was surprised to see on my Instagram Stories how few of you watched it?! I really enjoyed this series, and was delighted to hear it’s been renewed for a second one.

H A P P Y   V A L L E Y

This one is really gritty, and the first series had me squealing in horror at certain points. Series 2 lost some of the charm and brilliance of its predecessor, which may be why we haven’t heard about a third, but I would still recommend seeing series 1 as it is pretty great.


Coming back soon for series 2! This one was a little bit different to other dramas we’d seen, and I really loved it. OK, I really loved Ioan Gruffudd.

L I N E  O F  D U T Y

Confession; we were very late to the LOD game and are currently midway through series 2. I know, I know. If you happened to be living under a rock near to ours, missed all the hype, and are now wondering why everyone’s so excited about series 5 which is currently airing, sort yourself out and get watching. At the time of writing, all of the episodes were available on BBC iPlayer.

What’s missing from my list? Did you enjoy or dislike any of the ones I mentioned? Tweet me your thoughts @secretmaggiemay.

You know you love me... XOXO, Maggie May

~ ~ ~

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