20 May 2019

Busy Bees

Busy Bees - Maggie May
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Mr MM and I have been busy bees recently!

It's often the way though, isn't it - you'll have a few weeks go by where life is quiet, you get the chance to catch up on your favourite crime dramas and do some housework, thinking you should probably arrange some stuff to get you busy again when BAM! You're so busy that your Filofax is practically falling apart at the seams {OK, so that's a bit of an exaggeration - but life has felt quite crammed recently}.

It's been crammed with lovely things though. A couple of weeks ago we saw Emily Atack live on her first stand-up tour, Talk Thirty To Me. I loved her on I'm a Celebrity... and couldn't wait to see some of her natural charm and humour. Although the show was quite stilted at times {with Emily running off stage to find out what she was meant to be saying next...} and it's clear she hasn't had a lot of practice at stand-up, it was still a fun night out with Mr MM.

Emily Atack - Maggie May

A few days later we turned up at Cheltenham Jazz Festival - it was a fairly last minute decision to go, and we were so glad we did! There were loads of different gigs to choose from, but we went with MOBO-winning saxophonist Soweto Kinch. He was joined by vocalist Andreas Schaerer and guitarist Kalle Kalima to create a unique, weird, slightly crazy but very cool trio who combined jazz with beat-boxing, sound imitation, scatting, MC-ing and hip-hop. I looked at Mr MM a few times during the performance in disbelief, but it was highly impressive and the three boys are obscenely talented.

Cheltenham Jazz Festival - Maggie May

We then headed to Hotel du Vin in Cheltenham for a post-jazz supper, where we sipped on beautiful wine and I fell in love with the beignets.

Another event we've been to this month {so many things, and we're only half way through May!} was the cricket - we went to Somerset County Cricket Ground to watch the team play a Royal London One-Day Cup fixture against Hampshire.

Cricket - Maggie May

It was a sunny but breezy day, so we sat in the stands wrapped in lightweight scarves and straw hats to keep warm.

Busy Bees - Maggie May

Hot chocolate helped too, mind you.

Hot Chocolate - Maggie May

At times Mama Maggie May and I got slightly distracted from the cricket, and started chatting about skincare, cooking and upcoming travels.

But we were back in the zone in time to see our team Somerset lose spectacularly.

Cricket - Maggie May

You win some, you lose some!

Last weekend we had a fantastic sightseeing weekend in London, details of which I'll be sharing on the blog soon. In the meantime, hope you have a lovely week, and are managing to keep yourself busy too. Bzzzzzzzzz...


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