29 September 2018

Life Bucket List

Back in February, I shared my Travel Bucket List with you all {and I'm super excited that we're now actually going to one of those locations for our honeymoon in October}. I've been meaning to follow that post up for a while now with a more generic bucket list - a life bucket list!

For those of you who don't know, a bucket list is a list of things that you want to see, do or achieve before you, um... die. Cheery stuff, yes? If you're anything like me, the things on your list will change massively depending on what mood you're in, what time of year it is, and whether you're feeling particularly wild or adventurous that day.

But in preparation for this post, I've given my list entries a lot of thought, and I'm pretty confident that they won't change over the next few years.

If you have a spare five minutes sat on the Tube or waiting for an appointment, why not try jotting a couple of ideas down on your phone for your bucket list? It sounds strange, but it feels quite exciting thinking about the endless possibilities that lie ahead. It also makes you consider what matters most to you. Travel? Family? Adrenaline rushes?

Well, here is my bucket list, in case you need some inspiration - in no particular order...

Visit New York 
{I know this one's on my Travel Bucket List already, but I really wanna go}

Learn how to ride a bike 
{It's highly embarrassing. We'll talk about it some other time}

Have babies 

See Ed Sheeran live in concert 

Go on a hot air balloon ride

Get married 
{Will be ticking this one off the list VERY SOON!}

Buy a house 

Go on safari

Learn how to get up early 
{I just can't do it - I literally cannot hear alarm clocks}

Donate blood 10 times 
{I'm half way there!}

Ride a gondola in Venice

Host a Halloween party

Bake a carrot cake

See the Northern Lights

Drive on the motorway on my own 
{I've driven on it plenty of times with passengers, but never solo!}

Go on a girls' trip to Disneyland Paris 
{Girlfriends, you know who you are}

Learn how to play poker

Be a bridesmaid

See The Book of Mormon and Hamilton in the West End

Study for a Masters degree

Swim with dolphins

Write a book 

Try archery again 
{I tried it once and surprisingly wasn't bad - and it was great fun!}

Visit an ice bar

Ride an elephant

Run in a 10K race

Visit a gin distillery 
{I've done whisky distilleries and vineyards, so why not GIN?}

Go to Cheltenham Festival 
{Now I live in the Cotswolds, I really have no excuse}

Read more - and maybe join a book club?

Visit Edinburgh again

Go skiing

Climb Mount Snowdon

Get a cat or a dog

Continue to look after my mental health, and be proud of myself when I'm doing well 

Do you know what's also a fun thing to do? Write a list of all the things you've ticked off your bucket list already - you'll be surprised at how much you've already achieved!

Went to The Championships, Wimbledon

Was an extra in a film

Rode in a helicopter

Learned some sign language

Did a skydive for charity

Went to Rome

Learned how to drive

Fell in love and got engaged

Lived in London for a while 
{A very short while, but it still counts!}

Achieved my doctoral degree

Traveled abroad alone

Booked tickets to see The Cursed Child

Went to Amsterdam

Learned how to play squash

Became a godparent
{Three times!}

Sorted out a decade's worth of family photos into albums, and shared them with the family

Baked my own wedding cake with Mama Maggie May

Played Fantine in Les Misérables
{Admittedly an amateur production}

Volunteered with elderly hospital patients with dementia

Spent time living and traveling through remote Scotland

Set up my own blog, The Secret Life of Maggie May.


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