2 April 2018

Family Easter

Family Easter

I’ve had a lovely few days in Somerset, celebrating Easter with my family and friends.

It’s been a very busy and stressful month, so I’m quite relieved to be waving goodbye to March! But the last week of the month has been a good one.

Whilst Mr MM tidied a few things up at work, I headed down to the South West on the train, sipping on a hot chocolate and reading the latest issue of The Simple Things as I went. I was determined that my relaxation would start straight away!

The afternoon that followed was uneventful but very pleasant; Mama Maggie May and I took the dog to get clipped, and treated ourselves to tea and cake in Watchet while we waited. Visiting the small harbour town brought back many childhood memories, as we strolled arm-in-arm by the marina.

Watchet Harbour Town and Marina, Somerset

We nipped into the local charity shop to pick up a few books, then headed home via the local bakery, arms laden with freshly baked bread and hot cross buns. We finished off the day with takeaway dinner from the nearby pub, followed by Moana {we’d never seen it before but thought it was GREAT.}

Since then, I’ve met up with several loved ones including some of my best friends for coffee and a catch up - I’ve known one of them since I was seven years old, one since I was ten, and the other since I was sixteen. We spent our two years of sixth form together, and have been close ever since. It was lovely to see them and discuss what’s going on in our lives, our work - and also the wedding! I’m very lucky to have such amazing friends who are helping out loads with the ‘wedmin’.

We had a wonderful day visiting my Nan and Grandad too, with my 97 year old Nan delightedly telling us that she’s decided to get a 'toy boy'. At this point she looked directly across the room at Mr MM, and said saucily, “Watch out!” She also showed me some more pages of the book she’s writing, which turned out to be rather raunchy and included the word ‘romp’. May have to edit that chapter a bit...

Family Easter

We also met one of my godmothers for lunch at Bill’s, which was great as we hadn’t seen her in a long time. {The fish finger sandwich I had was also great} We have a lovely connection; not only is she my godmother, but I am godmother to her two grandchildren - a result of growing up with and being close to my “godsisters”!

The rest of the bank holiday weekend has involved plenty of chocolate {I gave Mr MM a Hotel Chocolat egg, and he gave me a Monty Bojangles one - plus we have the Cadbury’s classics from Mama Maggie May}, plenty of rest, and plenty of films {our latest watch was Ghostbusters, the 2016 version, which was pretty funny}.

Family Easter

Today Mama Maggie May is cooking the traditional roast lamb {I can’t wait!}, with fresh flowers adorning the table in her beautiful new kitchen - as featured in the sneak peeks on Instagram! I’ll be writing a proper interiors feature all about her dream country kitchen soon, as it’s too stunning and Pinterest-worthy not to share with you.

Mama Maggie May's Country Kitchen

However you’re spending today, I hope you have a fabulous Easter - ideally having consumed one too many Mini Eggs...


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