19 January 2018

The Weekend Edit 19/01 - For Bookworms

It's nearly the weekend! Thank goodness.

I thought that for today's Weekend Edit I'd share some excellent literary-themed gifts and treats for all the bookworms amongst you. I have always been an avid reader, and this year I am determined to tick a few more of the greats off my to-read list, and get through a few more paperbacks each month!

One thing which is sure to get me reading a bit more is the cute book bag from Cath Kidston.

I won't be able to resist filling this one up with bestsellers on my next trip to the charity shop or Waterstones!


Is it any surprise, what with it being a quote from the gorgeously romantic Jane Eyre? I will leave you all with that well-known, beautifully written passage to kick start your weekend:
Reader, I married him. A quiet wedding we had: he and I, the parson and clerk, were alone present. When we got back from church, I went into the kitchen of the manor-house, where Mary was cooking the dinner and John cleaning the knives, and I said — "Mary, I have been married to Mr. Rochester this morning." The housekeeper and her husband were both of that decent phlegmatic order of people, to whom one may at any time safely communicate a remarkable piece of news without incurring the danger of having one's ears pierced by some shrill ejaculation, and subsequently stunned by a torrent of wordy wonderment. Mary did look up, and she did stare at me: the ladle with which she was basting a pair of chickens roasting at the fire, did for some three minutes hang suspended in air; and for the same space of time John's knives also had rest from the polishing process: but Mary, bending again over the roast, said only — "Have you, Miss? Well, for sure!"


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