12 January 2018

The Weekend Edit 12/01 - January Blues

 Navy courts {In the sale} | Candle | Mug | Lace dress {In the sale - nearly all gone!} | Over-the-knee boots {In the sale} | Wool coat | PJ bottoms {You won't believe where they're from...} | Navy dress {In the sale} | Elephant socks | Satin skirt {In the sale} | Cushion | Nail polish {In the sale!} | Gloves | Swan print dress {In the sale} | Slim jeans | Fedora {In the sale} | Faux fur collar {In the sale} | Waterproof {In the sale}

So I will admit that January is a rather cold month here in the UK, and it can be pretty miserable too once you hit the post-Christmas slump. But as many of you know, I relish this month and all there is to come!

That's why I thought I'd start back up my Weekend Edit posts with a positive spin on the old 'January Blues'. {Can you believe it was way back in October that I last did one of these? Shocking, I know...} With shades ranging from navy and midnight, to azure and sky blue, it's a colour which suits all skin tones, and is flattering no matter what your age, shape or size. Plus, let's make the most of this month when - as you can see above - nearly everything is in the January sales!

One of my favourite items from this week's edit is the sophisticated Amy dress from royal favourite Hobbs.


It's simple, yet stunning; easy to layer up with tights and a black blazer in the winter, and it will look lovely coming into the spring and warmer months too. It's a great dress to have in your wardrobe as a wedding guest back-up, and at less than half price, it would be rude not to snap it up...

I've got to point out the waterproof jacket from Joules too:


This is an item which sees me through all the seasons {all be it in a slightly different colour...!} It's perfect for rainy days, but is also great for when the weather gets a bit more blustery - and in this lovely mid-blue tone, it's ideal if you want to add a subtle splash of colour.

Enjoy browsing the ocean of blue beauties above!


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