22 September 2017

The Weekend Edit 22/09 - Colour Pop

As September ticks by, it seems we must wave goodbye to hopes of any more warm weather in the UK this year...

I can't say I'm too disappointed by this, what with being an autumn baby who loves nothing more than cooing at the changing leaves and wrapping scarves around me excitedly. But I DO think that before we make a dash for the pumpkin spice lattes, now is the time to inject one last pop of colour into our wardrobes, before we turn towards the slightly more mellow, relaxed, chocolatey tones of October.

It can be hard knowing where to start {How much colour is too much? Which vibrant shades suit my skin tone? Will I end up looking like I'm going to a four year old's birthday party?} But you need look no further than this stunner from Radley to begin with.

In royal blue, this leather lovely will look great with literally any outfit, whether you're going casual or dressing up. Definitely having to restrain myself from adding this to my basket immediately...

If you're looking for a bag which is a little more bold, then maybe this floral creation is for you.


This is such a bright, eye-catching piece, and yet remains sophisticated and grown-up - another fabulous offering from Cath Kidston.

Don't worry if bags aren't your, err, bag - there are shoes, jumpers and dresses aplenty for you to peruse too. Hope you enjoy adding a splash of something to your wardrobe this weekend {hopefully not red wine} - I know I will!


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