11 September 2017

The Wedding Diaries - Decisions Decisions

Kate Spade Mrs Necklace

There's just over one year to go until our wedding!

Now, some people respond when we say this with, 'Oh, so it's not for ages then.' {I fall into this camp} 

Others, however, helpfully reply: 'Gosh, that's not long at all is it? That will fly by! Not much time to save up and arrange everything!'


Luckily, we have both thrown ourselves into wedding planning and getting things sorted. I'm not sure how we've been quite so efficient - we've certainly been told numerous times that we are a very organised engaged couple! I think it's partly because we wanted a fairly short engagement, partly because we agreed on what sort of wedding we would like pretty early on - and partly because we're just so excited about getting married and having a brilliant day!

We've actually started to make some of the big and important decisions {aside from deciding to spend the rest of our lives together, of course} We officially have a wedding date, and not only have we booked the church, but we've booked the reception venue too.

Rustic Wedding Cake

We're lucky to have a friend of the family who is an excellent photographer, so that made one of the major wedding decisions very easy. It's nice to think that the person snapping photos of us on the day will be a familiar face - so hopefully we won't feel quite so uncomfortable to begin with!

Since my last entry in The Wedding Diaries, I have been on another wedding dress shopping trip with Mama Maggie May. This time was more relaxed and a bit less daunting, as I had a better idea before we started of what styles suited me and what I wanted to try on. I am still completely and utterly undecided as to what I'm going to go for {is it possible to have 'that feeling' with TWO dresses? Because that's the pickle I've got myself into} But that just means more visits to bridal boutiques, and that can't be a bad thing...

Mama Maggie May has started looking at mother of the bride outfits too. I cannot wait to see how she looks on the day. Helping her choose her outfit is so much fun {especially the shoes}.

Rustic Wedding Confetti

The other big wedding decision I think I want to address soon is the flowers. It's something I don't really know much about in terms of styles and prices, but I assume it's going to take up quite a large chunk of the wedding budget - so it would be good to know what we're dealing with soon! And then there are the suits to think about, and the wine - and we haven't even started thinking about the honeymoon...

OK, OK, so there's still quite a lot to do, but we DO have plenty of time. It feels good that we've started making some of the major decisions, but I'm happy to keep going at a steady pace in the run up to next October...

All of the gorgeous images in this post have come from my Wedding Inspiration board on Pinterest - if you're looking for ideas for your upcoming nuptials, or just like to while away hours of your life pinning like I do, then it's definitely a board to add to your list!

Psst... If you like the look of the 'Mrs' necklace featured at the beginning of this post, you can get your hands on one here.

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