6 September 2015

10 Reasons Why I Wish Friends Was Real

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Following on from my popular post a couple of weeks ago, 10 Reasons Why I Wish Harry Potter Was Real, I decided that this was a fun theme to explore once again. I paused for a moment. What other films or TV programmes did I wish I could be a part of? It didn't take me very long to think of one.

I have watched every single episode of Friends numerous times, as many people I know have, and lines from the show are regularly quoted in our house. Not a year goes by when there aren't rumours of a reunion, and every year I cross my fingers and hope - but until then, I'll stick to clicking 'Play All' on the boxset and wishing that it was real for the following reasons.

1.    Central Perk - My friends (and Instagram followers!) know that I have a huge weakness for coffee shops. Just being in the near vicinity of one is very difficult for me, as I have to mentally tell myself that I do not need yet another coffee. But will you look at Central Perk?! It is the perfect coffee shop. Comfy chairs, big mugs, lots of cake, good coffee and a familiar barista (Can Gunther be classed as a barista?) behind the counter. Oh what I would give to have a catch-up session or three in here...

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2.   Days Off - As much as I love Friends, the writers do appear to forget that normal people tend to work for eight hours or so a day - the gang seem to work a few hours here and there and get paid quite nicely for doing so. This sounds like a great way of life: less hours in the office and more in Central Perk? Count me in.

3.    Parties - Not a holiday or celebration goes by when Monica doesn't seem to host a party. We've seen her throw parties for Halloween, New Year's Eve, Rachel's birthday (twice I think), Phoebe's baby shower, Phoebe's bachelorette party as well as Thanksgiving several times. The parties always look like great fun (especially the one where Phoebe was in charge of cups) and I'd be happy to clear some space in my Filofax for one of these.

4.    Rachel Green - I'd love to have Rachel as a friend - she's fun, she's a bit silly, and she works at Ralph Lauren for crying out loud, where she gets discount and gives out free shirts to her friends (remember Joey spilling doughnut jam down his?) I think she'd be great for fashion and hair/beauty advice (she was responsible for 'The Rachel' haircut after all) and girly gossip sessions. I reckon we'd get on like a house on fire. (Although probably best not to mention that, what with the whole hair straighteners/fire incident)

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5.    Rental in New York - According to Friends, you can be poor and destitute like Joey, or give up your job like Chandler, and still live in a roomy two bedroom flat in the middle of New York City! Well that sounds awesome. People have commented on this before, saying that it is unlikely Monica could afford the rent on a place like hers as a chef, but to be fair we are told many times that it was her grandmother's flat - and Chandler does admit in the season 10 finale, "And thanks to rent control, it was a friggin' steal!" He's not wrong there. I really wish this were the case in real life.

6.    Flat Hopping - I love my friends dearly (honestly you lot, I do!) but I'm not sure how they would feel about walking into their homes to find me sat on their sofa, watching their TV and eating their food. Yet this is exactly what happens to Monica, and she's fine with it! It would be pretty great to have a set of keys for your friend's flat where you could pop in any time to make yourself at home and see if any of your other friends were hanging out there. 

7.    Joey Tribbiani - I want to know Joey. He'd be able to recommend all the best pizza places, make you laugh when you're feeling down (whether intentionally or not I cannot say) and I reckon he gives great hugs. He also has lots of Italian relatives who I'm sure could teach me a few things in the kitchen, and plenty of sisters to borrow shoes from. Also - he's Joey Tribbiani. Of course I want to be friends with this guy!

8.    Mama's Little Bakery - Anyone who has seen 'The One With the Cheesecakes' will know why I want this show to be real. I would get on a plane right now from England to Illinois to taste a bit of that cheesecake (well, to eat a whole one).

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9.    Attractive People - Throughout the ten series of the show, the gang end up dating quite a few fellow New Yorkers, and apart from Rachel's date with the guy Phoebe purposefully chose because he was horrible (remember that episode? It involved Phoebe and Joey doing their evil laugh quite a lot), all of the people they date are very attractive. I swear this is not realistic, but it would be great if that many cute guys walked into your local coffee shop and asked you out.

10.    The Gang - The final reason why I wish Friends was real is that it would mean that the gang of six would be real too. Assuming, of course, that we would all be bezzies, it would be wonderful to have these people in my life! Imagine having them over for dinner, inviting them to your wedding, meeting up for a beer... They would be the perfect addition to your life.

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So those are the ten reasons why I wish Friends was real. What do you love most about Friends? Which TV show do you wish was real? Leave me a comment below or you can tweet me!



  1. I love Friends. I've watched the series easily a dozen times! I wish I had that close knit group of friends where you're in and out of each other's houses, but the ones I have don't live near me! Great post and I love your blog!

    1. Thank you so much Michelle! I think I've probably watched it that many times too... X

  2. I adore friends, and I love this post! I definitely wish Central Perk and Mamas Little Bakery were real!

    Lillies and Lipbalm

    1. Thanks Mel! I'll let you know if I find a cheesecake that looks as good as Mama's Little Bakery's! ;-) X

  3. If you ever get the chance you MUST go to Central Perk in Liverpool! I went last week and it was amazing! Made me want to rewatch the series for the bajillionth time :) xx

    1. Wow, I've not even heard of this! Amazing! X

  4. I love this!! Every point is so true! I love rachaels style, I would definitely go to her for advice and tips! xx

    Abi | abistreetx


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