26 September 2015

#10BookChallenge Update

At the beginning of August, I was very excited to launch the #10BookChallenge. The idea is fairly simple; bookworms who wish to take part are asked to name the 10 books which have stayed with them the most. It could be because they were funny, full of emotion, or just because they were excellently written novels. It sounds easy, but it is far more difficult that it initially sounds! You can have a read of my own #10BookChallenge here.

I mentioned a quote from W. Somerset Maugham in that post, and I'll mention it again as I think it's brilliant: "The only important thing in a book is the meaning that it has for you." (For more fantastic book quotes, take a look at my board on Pinterest - it's a book lover's dream!) I am very passionate about getting as many book lovers involved in this challenge as possible; firstly, because I think it's wonderful to find out new reading recommendations, and to hear about books you possibly wouldn't have opted for yourself. Secondly, because I think it's something that everyone, not just writers, journalists and bloggers, can do. It's a chance to reflect on all those stories which have touched us in our lives, to look back on childhood memories, and perhaps more recent ones; to umm and ahh over which Enid Blyton book we're going to feature in our final ten (I'm sure it's not just me who was faced with that conundrum) and then to finally share those well-thought out decisions with others.

So if you want to get involved with this challenge, then please do! You can post on Facebook, write a tweet or two, or present your ten books to us visually via Instagram; just use the hashtag #10BookChallenge so that we can all see and get excited about it.

A selection of wonderful bloggers have also completed the #10BookChallenge and shared their collections on their respective websites - I highly recommend taking a look at their lovely posts!

Sarah from Sarah in Wonderland

Leanne from The Dress Diaries

Bethan from Bethan Likes

Ali from Ali Caitrin

Zoe from The Rambles of Nuggetstump (Such an amazing name for a blog)

Nihaad from The Little Blog of Stuff

Zayaan from Surviving the Madness


Becky from Becky the Wallflower

Anna from Bonjour Anna

If you would like any more information about the challenge (or have completed it already and are proud to share it with us all) then send me a tweet, or you can email me (All of my details are on the Contact page)

I will leave you with the intelligent words of Dr Seuss (he knew a bit about books):

The more that you read,
The more things you will know.
The more that you learn,
The more places you'll go. -



  1. Thanks for creating this tag, it was great to take part, even if it took me ages to narrow it down to 10 :) A book lover should definitely try it. Going to read everyone else's challenge later.

    Sarah <3

  2. Thank you Sarah! Really glad you enjoyed doing it xx


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