8 July 2014

Paperchase Recipe Book

Good evening! Today I thought I would share with you one of my favourite recent purchases... Any regular visitors to the blog may be confident in hazarding a guess that it's baking related - well, you'd be right!

I am very proud of my collection of recipe books; a lot of the greats are there, including Mary Berry (obviously!), Gizzi Erskine, Jamie Oliver... The list goes on and on. (I'll share my collection with you sometime!) But I recently noticed that in addition to this, my bookmarks bar on my computer was starting to get quite built up with links to good recipes I'd found, and that there were a fair few bits of paper stuffed into my books - cut-outs from magazines and newspapers, photocopies from friends, handwritten recipes from family members etc etc.

I happened to be mooching (great word) in town with my other half one Saturday afternoon, and I had to drag him into one of my favourite shops, Paperchase. Again, regulars to the blog will remember that I've raved about Paperchase in the past. It was then that I saw and immediately fell in love with their recipe books.  These were of course the answer to all my organisational problems - the hard part was deciding which design I wanted to go for!

After much umm-ing and ahh-ing, I opted for what I thought was the classy and sophisticated cutlery design.

The book is organised really nicely; there are sections for Starters, Mains, Sides & Salads, Desserts, Baking, and Notes. That's really all areas covered, I think!

Each section is filled with blank pages, ready for you to jot down those all important secret ingredients and methods.

Recognise the recipe below at all?!

There are also pockets at the end of each section for you to store your cut-outs in - saves you having to write them all out! I think this is great, as I did used to panic slightly that I would lose some of these treasured scraps of paper.

To complete this wonderful book, there is also a zip pocket at the back!

If you want to get your flour-y-coated hands on this book, just head on over to the Paperchase website, where it's yours for £10. Let me know if you decide to purchase one, and what you think of it - it's been a real lifesaver for me!


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