18 June 2014

Greetings from Andalucia!

Good evening, my lovely blog readers! I want to apologise for the slight lack of blog posts over the last few days... But I have a good reason for it; I spent the week in Andalucia!

Above is a view of Granada from the breath-taking Alhambra.

I won't lie to you; it was very hot.

We were staying in a gorgeous pueblo blanco (white town) about an hour away from Granada, which was very quiet with NO tourists - we did not meet anyone who could speak a single word of English. Exciting!

There were four of us staying in our villa, and we had a brilliant time - lots of tapas and Rioja consumed, mind you. Mmmm....

The view from our roof-top terrace was pretty nice.

Not bad, eh?! 

In terms of my holiday fashion, it was very much a case of bikinis and shorts, as well as my trusty Birkenstocks!

Do you like my pedicure? There's more on that later... Just keep checking the blog and my Twitter feed. That's all I can say on the matter currently - very mysterious, I know!

We also visited the cities Cordoba and Seville whilst we were in Andalucia, as well as Ronda which I LOVED. There is a stunning bridge in Ronda - the Puente Nuevo bridge - which reminded me so much of the Lord of the Rings films that I got very over-excited. 

Have any of you stayed in Andalucia before? What did you think?

Now I am back home, I can return to my regular blogging. I did try and blog whilst out there as some of you know, but it would seem that our little Spanish town could do beauty but not WiFi.

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