17 April 2020

20 Weeks Pregnant

20 Weeks Pregnant - Maggie May

We're halfway towards meeting Baby Maggie May!

In some ways I can't believe that I'm now 20 weeks pregnant, but on the other hand, it feels like I've been expecting this baby for years...!

Things have definitely picked up since the first trimester; I've started putting on weight as opposed to losing it, I've gone from avoiding all food to eating constantly, and my friends and family tell me that I look healthy now as opposed to grey and gaunt {from our FaceTime chats, obviously}. It's not all rosy - hardly surprising considering my unpleasant start to being pregnant - and I still have bad nausea pretty much every day, with the odd episode of sickness even now. It does feel unlucky to still be vomiting at 20 weeks, but this isn't unusual for sufferers of hyperemesis, and I know there are so many women who have it a lot worse than me - I'm just so grateful that it's now occasional as opposed to daily!

There's also the matter of the bump that's forming...

20 Weeks Pregnant - Maggie May

Excuse the blurred photo, with my hair still dripping from the shower and my face bare of make up, but here is Baby Maggie May in all their glory. I have to say, I'm much bigger than I was expecting to be at this point!

The bump is not my favourite part though. The best bit has to be the kicks.

The first proper kick was when I was 18 weeks - and we were so lucky that baby gave us a few good ones so Mr MM could feel them too - and since then, they really haven't stopped! They are there morning, afternoon, evening and night; the rolling and wriggling and fluttering feelings are there pretty constantly, with frequent heavy nudges, shoves, pushes and bashes thrown in for good measure. Some of them have made me jump they're so vigorous, and I scared Mr MM to death the other night when I was jolted just as I was falling asleep and shouted out in surprise! It makes us laugh that we've already got an extremely active baby on our hands who shows no signs of slowing down - when people tell me 'just you wait until the kicks increase in your third trimester', I can't imagine what they'll be like!

20 Weeks Pregnant - Maggie May

We had our anomaly scan at 19 weeks, and although it wasn't how we pictured it as Mr MM wasn't allowed in with me due to coronavirus restrictions, we managed to still make it special; the sonographer was wonderful and told me to look away when she was scanning baby's nether regions in case I saw something by accident. She then wrote down the gender of Baby Maggie May on a slip of paper, so I could wait until I was back with my husband for us to find out together. We opened it excitedly and my eyes filled with tears as soon as I read the answer {happy tears!} We FaceTimed our parents to let them know what sort of grandchild is on the way, followed up by a stream of messages to other family members and friends. The most important thing of all is that the scan was perfect, with no signs of any problems. When the sonographer said it was the best baby she's scanned so far this year in terms of being able to see everything easily and complete the scan effectively, my heart nearly burst - already I am so super proud of our baby!

I'm looking forward to sharing some of our nursery and newborn purchases with you all soon {I'm still trying to work out what we need} and will keep you updated with our progress on Instagram. Thank you so much for your messages of support and advice - they've been very much appreciated, and the further we go on our journey towards becoming first-time parents, the more I panic that we need all the help we can get...!

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