2 November 2018

Maggie May Gets Married

Maggie May Gets Married

I'm back! And I'm now a married woman; a Mrs; a wife!

We had the most incredible wedding day, surrounded by our wonderful family and friends - and I can't believe it was nearly 4 weeks ago now.

We were also lucky enough to be able to jet away on our honeymoon straight away {as I'm sure those of you who follow me on Instagram are aware} so life continued to be surreal for another fortnight after the big day!

Now we're back to normality again, and although there are the mundane bits {putting out the recycling, for example}, it feels pretty great to be living as husband and wife after all this time. We're still extremely excited about it!

So what's to come on the blog now I'm back? I guess I can think of a few things to write about...


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