8 December 2017

Maggie's Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Maggie May's Christmas Gift Guide 2017

It's Chriiiiiiiiisssssstmmaaaaaaassss!

Which means it's time to get shopping, if you haven't already.

We're not doing too badly this year - I think I've got Mr Maggie May sorted, and some of the gifts for our nieces and nephews. We've still got our grandparents, godchildren, parents, aunts and uncles to buy for though...

If like me you've still got some present choosing to do, then fear not - my Christmas Gift Guide is here to help you! With a range of gifts for the most important people in your life, I reckon you'll be all done by the end of the week, leaving you with more time to put your feet up and gorge on mince pies.

F O R   W O M E N 

F O R   M E N

F O R   C H I L D R E N

 Paddington Bear Walking Tour | Dobby Earrings | Heart Slipper Shoes | Jumper | Sock Box | Mini Tractor | Pyjamas | Beaker | Satchel | T-Shirt | Knitted Dress | Unicorn Pants |

Hope you enjoy your Christmas shopping! And remember, the most important thing is spending time with your loved ones, eating too much food together, and raising a glass to the year ahead.


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