20 June 2016

The Magic of Skara Brae

Time to discuss that prehistoric village and wee dram I mentioned in my last post!

You can't go to The Orkney Islands without visiting one very special place.

Skara Brae.

In 1850, a wild storm uncovered some ancient ruins - but these weren't just any old ruins. These were in fact a collection of 5000 year old houses.

Each still with their fitted stone furniture, tools, and items such as pottery and jewellery.

The discovery at Skara Brae turned out to be the best-preserved Neolithic village in northern Europe; older even than the Egyptian pyramids.

Centuries older than Stonehenge!

We spent a good few hours exploring both the site itself, as well as the visitor centre and nearby reconstruction of one of the houses. It is well worth a visit if you find yourself in Orkney.

Also included in the admission price is a ticket for the nearby Skaill House.

We couldn't resist popping in to see what was inside.

It is a 17th century mansion, filled with gorgeous antiques, art - and even a ghost story or two...

It was actually the home of the chap who unearthed Skara Brae in the first place - Mr William Graham Watt, 7th Laird of Breckness.

^ Plus it has the royal stamp of approval!

So how on earth do you top a day at a World Heritage Site, I hear you ask?

With whisky, of course.

The folk at Scapa Whisky were kind enough to give us a tour of their fantastic distillery, situated on the beautiful shores of the Scapa Flow.

Having never toured a distillery before, and not knowing anything about how whisky is made, it was a fantastic, very interesting experience.

And the whisky itself?


I know what Mr Maggie May will be putting on his Christmas list this year!


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