2 April 2016

Beautiful Kouloura

Having spent a few days thoroughly relaxing following our thrill-seeking adventures, we decided to venture out and explore some more of Corfu – but not before walking along the beach to the village bakery, and stocking up on croissants and freshly baked biscuits!

We began the day by driving to a favourite of ours; Kassiopi is an old fishing village which we visit time and time again. It’s idyllic, with its traditional boats bobbing in the clear, sparkling water. There is a wonderfully relaxed vibe about the place, and so we sat and had an iced latte in our usual bar overlooking the water.

Next stop: shopping! As you head away from the sea, the streets are lined with a range of different shops. Admittedly some are just full of touristy souvenirs, but look carefully and you can find some real treasures in amongst them – for example, the olive wood shop.

The smell as you walk in is simply gorgeous, and as the passionate craftsmen tell you about their exquisite skills, you take in the items lining the shelves; wind chimes, necklaces, honey drizzlers and thick, chunky chopping boards. Mr Maggie May and I couldn’t help treating ourselves to one of the latter for our beloved cheese evenings at home.

Shopped out, we set off down the coast to a place called Kouloura. We had not visited before, but had been told about how this tranquil spot is supposedly one of the most beautiful on the island. Intrigued, we decided to go for lunch. 

As we wandered down the path towards the water, the view appearing through the trees, we quickly realised why Kouloura came to have its reputation. 

We sat down at the taverna and ordered a fine spread – sardines, fried courgette, tzatziki, spinach and feta pie, home baked bread, and freshly cut chips.

To put it simply, it was utterly divine.

With our bellies full and smiles on our faces, it was time to walk off our lunch around the pretty harbour. If you find yourself in Corfu, try and make it here for a meal. I promise you, you won’t regret it – it’s a part of the island which is unknown to many {although the taverna is unsurprisingly busy}, and so it feels like a real treat when you discover it.

I have one more post about Corfu to share with you all - it features a village with stunning views of the nearby islands, and our absolute favourite Corfiot haunt. But my European Adventure series doesn’t end there – with the delights of Florence and Beaune to come, keep The Secret Life of Maggie May bookmarked!  

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