21 January 2015

Award Season Fashion

It's award season! With just over a month to go until the much anticipated Academy Awards in Hollywood (who's going to win best actor? Benedict or Eddie?), and with the Golden Globe and Critics' Choice awards just behind us, we've recently been treated to lots of pictures of our favourite actresses wearing our favourite designers. Thinking about this, and having been inspired by this post on stylist.co.uk, I decided to have a quick trip down memory lane and take another look at my favourite dresses from last year's award season. (Trust me, there's some pretty stunning ones...)

1. Cate Blanchett in Armani Prive
Academy Awards 2014, Los Angeles

I love this dress... If I was an award-winning actress (ahem) and had my pick of any design to wear to the Oscar's, I think this might well be it. This sort of masterpiece doesn't come cheap though - the dress was reportedly worth $100,000 (that's over £66,000 - on one dress). Despite the eye-watering price tag, this is one of my favourites as it is demure, classy, a gorgeous colour (I always love this shade - remember my post last year on fashion at the Emmys?) and SO sparkly.

Marks out of ten for Cate: 8/10

2. Helen Mirren in Jacques Azagury
BAFTAs 2014, London

 If I look this good when I'm 68, then I will be a very happy lady. Dame Helen looks so sophisticated in this dress - and so dramatic! I'm always a fan of black dresses on the red carpet, but with the added navy tones in the skirt of this dress, it's a little bit more interesting.

Marks out of ten for Helen: 7/10

3. Isla Fisher in Oscar de la Renta
SAG Awards 2014, Los Angeles

When I think of the red carpet, I think glamour. And Isla most certainly looks glamourous in this beautiful gown. I think the way she's styled it makes a difference too - her hair in waves, her dark lip and her gorgeous jewellery add extra points. The way the dress falls is beautiful, and despite it's off white shade, Isla has succeeded in not looking washed out.

Marks out of ten for Isla: 8/10

4. Olivia Wilde in Valentino
Academy Awards 2014, Los Angeles

So I've already said that I want to look like Helen when I'm 68; well I want to look like Olivia when I'm pregnant. Seriously, just how does she look this good when she's apparently seven months pregnant? Amazing. We all know the age-old rule of how black is slimming, but it's the panel of white just visible at the back that adds something new, as does the high neck. She looks great.

Marks out of ten for Olivia: 9/10

5. Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen
Academy Awards 2014, Los Angeles

This is definitely one of the nicest red carpet dresses I've seen. Let's not go on about it, but it's navy. (I've already gone on about my love of navy here and here) The satin material, the draping effect, the small train and the sweetheart neckline are all just perfect - and it turns out I'm not the only one who thinks so. This was one of the most popular Oscar gowns last year amongst fashion critics. Are you surprised?

Marks out of ten for Sandra: 9/10

And the winner is...

It's a toughy, as I think Olivia looks amazing and is demonstrating one of the best maternity looks I've seen, however...

I'm going to choose Sandra.

Well that's my opinion, but I'd love to hear yours. Let's all keep our eyes peeled for the beautiful dresses and gowns which are going to hit the red carpet next!



  1. Cate Blanchett is a goddess. She just never gets it wrong x
    Laura | A Life With Frills

    1. I agree! All of her red carpet dresses are always top notch in my opinion. X

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