6 September 2019

Gorgeous Instagrammers

I'm a big fan of Instagram.

If you don't have it already, I would thoroughly recommend getting an account. It's such a creative space, full of new ideas, inspiration and art.

Admittedly it has its downsides, such as issues with the 'algorithms' - what this essentially means is that you tend to see a limited number of the accounts you follow when scrolling through your feed. But I don't think we should write off Instagram completely.

You can still search using hashtags, and keep an eye out for your favourite 'grammers so you don't miss their posts. And if you're looking for some suggestions as to who to follow, you're in the right place! Here are just 10 of the ones I love...

Beautiful shots taken in the streets of Oxford, with plenty of flowers and architecture thrown in for good measure.

There are so many London-based accounts out there, but this is one of my favourites with its splashes of colour and adventures slightly off the well-beaten track.

A classic lifestyle blogger's account - i.e. filled with stunning pictures! 

Antonia's grid is full of pretty interiors and items from her shop - she's also a genuinely lovely online presence, so I'd definitely recommend having a chat!

The first of my 'blue tick' accounts, I couldn't compile this list without featuring Rosie's profile. Her pictures make me happy and envious in equal measure.

The ultimate account to follow for snaps of the beautiful British countryside. Natasha is a fellow Cotswolder, and I adore seeing her images of the nearby villages.

If you've not heard of the wishwishwish blog, where have you been?! Carrie's one of the UK's best known and best loved, and if you spend just a few minutes browsing her images, you'll see why.

Book lovers, this is the account for you; there are lots of brilliant book bloggers on Instagram, but I think Juliet's feed is the best due to her gorgeous photography.

With our recent move, I'm scouring social media for interiors inspiration, and Eli's got some wonderful ideas on here!

This is what Instagram's all about: sophisticated, classic images which are beautiful in their simplicity. Amy is a photographer, and it really shows in her feed.

If you have any favourite Instagram accounts to share, you can leave me a comment below or tweet me. Also, if you're on Insta and you're looking to boost your following, leave your handle below and we'll see if the Maggie May community can help you out!


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