10 August 2017

The Wedding Diaries - The Start of Planning

Credit: Jose Villa

We've started wedding planning!

We have well and truly thrown ourselves into it, and are incredibly excited - although we'd both agree that I am perhaps a little too excited...

Although I don't want to give away very much {I'm hoping there will be lots of surprises left for the guests on the day!} I thought I'd share with you a few of our thoughts so far.

As some of you will know, I have been Pinning away to my heart's content since we got engaged, and all of the images in this post are from my English Wedding board. You can find snaps from lots of wonderful blogs, wedding websites and photographers on there, so please do take a look if you're in need of some inspiration!

So, where to start...


We were both certain that we didn't want our engagement to be too long, and what with me being happiest when surrounded by the colour and warmth of autumn, we've decided on October 2018.


Following tradition, we're getting married where I grew up, and where my parents still reside - in beautiful Somerset.

Maggie May: The Wedding Diaries

What kind of ceremony will it be?

This was a tough one! We discussed at length whether we would prefer a religious or civil ceremony, finding pros and cons for both, and spent literally hours talking about it. Our final decision? We're getting married in a church. {Yay!}

Will there be a theme?

I've been asked this quite a few times. We've not chosen a particular theme or colour scheme, but we're hoping for a traditional and elegant country wedding, with fresh flowers and beautiful music thrown in!

Maggie May: The Wedding Diaries

Have you chosen a venue for the reception?

Maybe! It's not definite yet. We're looking at stately homes/country houses, and we've found one that ticks nearly all of the boxes, which we both fell in love with when we looked around... 

Have you thought about your dress yet?

Yes! But my lips are completely and utterly sealed on this one. Mama Maggie May and I have been on one wedding dress shopping trip so far, which was so much fun - who wouldn't love trying on lots of stunning, expensive dresses?

Maggie May: The Wedding Diaries

What about bridesmaids?

I'm very lucky in that I have a gaggle of gorgeous nieces, nephews and godchildren who are going to accompany Dad and I up the aisle. They are going to look adorable, I'm sure.

And the food?

Mr MM and I are foodie people. We're thinking a proper three-course meal is most likely - the more food, the better!

There is so much to think about over the next few months - it's all very exciting, but also a little daunting too! Mr MM has created a wedding spreadsheet so we can have everything all in one place: our guest list, to-do's, budget etc. As a self-confessed organisational freak, who loves writing lists and completing projects, I'm enjoying evenings spent doing wedding admin {I've been reliably informed that this is known as 'wedmin'}, but what I love most of all is that while we're both SO excited about our big day, we're even more excited about being married, and becoming husband and wife.

More wedding updates soon!


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