4 March 2016

Fast Cars and Quad Bikes

Today's blog post is a lengthy one - so grab a cuppa, put your feet up, and get ready to read about even more Corfiot adventures!

Regulars to my blog and my Instagram followers will know that I'm a bit of a girly girl, and I must admit that I'm also a scaredy-cat in terms of extreme sports and daredevil activities. However, even I couldn't resist taking part in my family's latest adventures.

First of all: a close friend of ours just happens to be a champion drift-racer {!}, so when he offered us a ride in his car on the tracks, we had to say yes. Priority was being given to my mum {surprisingly a huge adrenaline junkie} and my boyfriend {a typical boy who stares longingly at fast cars} so Dad and I were happy to cheer them on from the sidelines.

^ Such an adrenaline junkie...

We arrived at the race track on a roasting Sunday morning, with the Greek sun tanning our skin and the smell of burning tyres filling the air. We watched for a while as the drivers prepared their beautiful cars, sipping on ice tea and admiring the circuit.

It was time! Mum was first up; she was strapped into the passenger seat, gave us a thumbs up, and they were off.

The sound of the car racing around the track was like nothing else, and I squealed with delight as they sped past us accelerating. They were going so fast I'm surprised we managed to get any pictures!

After an impressive spin to end the ride, it was Mr Maggie May's turn. He was pretty excited.

Off they went!

When he finally got out of the car, he had the biggest smile on his face ever - I suppose it is every boy's dream, right?

We watched one of the other drivers spin around the track and do some donuts while the other two got their breath back.

And then with hoarse voices and skin spattered with bits of tyre, we headed back to the apartment. 

The evening was a much more relaxed affair, as we decided to indulge in sunset cocktails.

Logas Beach at Peroulades is renowned for its breathtaking views as the sun goes down {and for the delicious caipirinhas that are served in the bar.}

You simply pull up a stool {or nab one of the swing seats}, pop your sunglasses on, and admire the stunning shot of the sun sinking behind the calm blue ocean.

Gorgeous! But the chilled out vibe wouldn't last for long...

At 10 o'clock the next morning, as we sat on our balcony eating breakfast, we suddenly heard the sound of revving. My boyfriend grinned and rushed downstairs... To find a beautiful quad bike waiting for him!

He took it for a quick spin straight away, very used to the whole experience having ridden a quad on our island lots of times. Before long, he was back, leaning over me as I snoozed on a sun lounger, informing me that it was time to join him.

I got changed quickly, fastened on my helmet and jumped on the back. "Let's go!"

It's amazing how much of the island you get to see on a bike. We meandered up the hills, taking great big gulps of air as the cool afternoon breeze blew into our faces. It was not long before Mr Maggie May decided to shoot off down some interesting looking paths, and we tore through olive grove after olive grove.

We made our way home slowly, tired after our energetic few days, and after a beautiful meal of fresh garlic mushrooms and perch, we gladly sank into our comfy beds.

Our final daring activity came in a more scaly form; we spent an afternoon at the wonderful Corfu Aquarium - and had SUCH a great time! There were all sorts of fellas wanting to say hi to us.

The daredevil part came when we were introduced to one of the aquarium's residents... A boa constrictor. I don't like snakes, so this wasn't my favourite part of the holiday - but Mr Maggie May was very pleased to have the reptile around his neck!

The best bit by far was meeting George, an extremely friendly iguana who liked to be stroked between his eyes and enjoyed being fed leaves. We all liked George.

We then hopped onto the aquarium's boat so we could nip out into the bay, and view the calm waters below from the boat's transparent bottom. 

Sitting on the deck with the warm sun and the sound of water lapping gently against the boat was a lovely way to spend a few hours.

And so there, summed up into one {admittedly picture heavy} blog post are our most adventurous activities in Corfu. You'll be pleased to know that the next post is a lot more relaxed... 


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