18 December 2015

Christmas with Maggie

Only 1 week to go until Christmas! 

I'm pretty excited - the house is decorated, the gift shopping is nearly finished, most of the cards have been posted, and we've started watching all of our favourite festive films (you know, The Grinch, The Polar Express, Frozen, Love Actually...)

I've really enjoyed making the house Christmassy this year - it's been such a busy few months, and so taking the time to decorate our tree and home together has been extra special. 

We're going to be spending Christmas with my family this year, which means I have the opportunity to carry out some traditions which have been around since I was a little girl; putting together the crib, watching Santa Claus: The Movie as a family (the film from 1985 with Dudley Moore in it), going for a long walk in the country on Boxing Day, and playing a fiercely competitive game of Monopoly at some point all feature!

^ This little festive house was passed on to me by my lovely Austrian godmother. 

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will have seen me sharing a few of my tree decorations and telling the stories behind them - I think it's a lovely touch to add to your collection every year with items that remind you of holidays, trips that you've made and cities you've visited. 

^ This is one of our latest additions - my sister-in-law made this cute little guy for us last year, and I have to say, I love him!

I am very adamant that one of the best bits about this time of year is the food; we all say it, but my mum cooks THE best Christmas Day lunch. It's always a gorgeous turkey, covered with rashers of sweet, crispy bacon - as well as tasty pigs-in-blankets, fluffy roast potatoes, and mountains of glorious veggies!

My role is usually making a few puddings and sweet treats to see us through the season; this year I'm hoping to create a trifle, nutmeg custard tart, ginger biscuits and chocolate and almond clusters - and I'm sure there'll be a few of Mum's famous sponge cakes to add to the spread.

^ I'd love to take credit for these, but my lovely friend actually baked them!

Luckily for us chocoaholics, there's plenty to go around at this time of year, as well as a multitude of excuses as to why you must keep eating it - "It was a gift, it'd be rude not to"; "Well I do need something sweet to eat after all those sprouts"; "It's in my advent calendar, I have to eat it".

Do you have any favourite Christmas traditions? Which do you think is the best Christmas movie? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, or you can tweet me here.

P.S. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Aww your traditions sound great .. and it sounds like you'll be having a great Christmas too! Love the Christmas decorations too!

    Saira xo


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