2 April 2015

Happy Easter!

Photo credits - @secretmaggiemay and @waitrose (chocolate nest cakes) on Instagram

Well I think we can all officially kick back and relax, as we welcome the start of the Easter weekend tomorrow. I'm so excited!

We've got a fair bit of travelling planned here, there and everywhere, as we want to see as many family members and friends as possible during our time off. That's what's so lovely about holidays such as Easter and Christmas; it's a chance to get together, eat lots of gorgeous food, have a good catch up and, let's not forget, exchange gifts - whether that be stockings or Easter eggs!

I also find that you have traditions at Easter just like you do at Christmas, such as certain recipes that you do every Easter weekend - for example, my mum has cooked James Martin's roast leg of lamb in hay the last few Easter Sundays... 

Just amazing! I'm not the biggest fan of lamb, but I definitely make the exception for this dish. (Grab a copy of James Martin's book Slow Cooking if you fancy giving it a go)

Obviously, a lot of chocolate ALWAYS gets consumed in our house. I think there's sometimes a bit of a competition to see who can be the most generous with Easter eggs! I decided to treat my boyfriend to some Egglets from Hotel Chocolat this year, as he's a bit addicted to their chocs. Then I spotted this cute little Egg on Toast lick which I simply couldn't resist! I broke the Easter rules and gave them to him early... I know, I KNOW. I'm terrible at keeping secrets.

Has anyone else noticed a difference in Creme Eggs this year, what with the whole change in chocolate? Obviously it's had a considerable impact on my consumption of them...

Other important parts of our Easter weekend include going for a loooong walk in the countryside (usually to walk off the big Sunday roast!), making some chocolate nest cakes if we have the time and energy (and if there is any chocolate left in the house at this stage), relaxing on the sofa with a good film, and meeting up with old friends for coffee and a catch up. 

I hope you all have lovely, relaxing Easter weekends. Don't eat too much chocolate.

(I'm joking, I'm joking! You HAVE to eat too much chocolate, that's kinda the point...)


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